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The Terris Region

The Terris Region is a diverse and dynamic part of the world of Eagos, featuring a variety of landscapes, cities, and cultures.  


The Terris Region is characterized by its diverse geography, encompassing coastal areas, mountainous terrain, and potentially fertile plains. The presence of Havenport, Vulmilion, and Bot Harbor indicates a strong connection to the sea, while the Haftbreaker Mountains in the White Peaks region adds a majestic and challenging mountainous element.


Cultural Landmarks:
Each major city and town has its own cultural landmarks, historical sites, and architectural wonders that contribute to the identity of the region.

Demography and Population

Cultural Diversity:
With multiple cities and towns, each with its own history and character, the Terris Region likely boasts cultural diversity. The interactions between these communities and their unique traditions contribute to the region's overall cultural richness.


WIth the coastal locations of two of its major cities and potential threats, the Terris Region has a strong military presence. The defensive strategies, alliances, and military capabilities play a role in shaping the region's stability.

Foreign Relations

Cultural Exchange:

The presence of Bot Harbor and Havenport as coastal cities facilitates cultural exchange with other continents. The diversity of cultures, traditions, and ideas in the Terris Region contributes to a dynamic and interconnected world.

Trade & Transport

Economic Activities:

The economic activities in the Terris Region are diverse, influenced by the geography of each city. Trade, maritime activities, trade with the Dwarves of the Haftbreaker Mountains, and agricultural pursuits in certain areas all contribute to the region's prosperity.

Unity in Diversity, Strength in Tradition: Forging the Future, Anchored in the Past.

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Ruling Organization

Major Cities:

The current capital of the Terris Region, Havenport is a coastal city on the west coast of Eagos. It's likely a hub for trade and maritime activities, given its strategic location.   Vulmilion:
Once the capital, Vulmilion carries historical significance for the region. Its transition from the capital to a secondary city suggests a complex history and potential cultural richness.   Bot Harbor:
Positioned on the north coast, Bot Harbor, as a harbor town on the verge of becoming a city, likely plays a crucial role in trade, naval activities, and regional dynamics.
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories

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