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Dwarves are often seen as a stoic and stern people, caring more about their work and secrets than other people. This is far from the truth, as anyone who has gotten to know a Dwarf will find out that they have a zeal for their work and craft that is matched by no other species. Living in close-knit clans within mountain strongholds and underground citadels, Dwarves see themselves of protectors of the surface from the horrors that dwell beneath the surface.

Basic Information


Short and widely built humanoids

Biological Traits

Dwarves commonly live between two hundred to three hundred years, depending on their Heritage, though many die long before reaching old age due to their Warrior culture.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dwarves reproduce at a consistent rate, having a nine month pregnancy. Dwarf Females are exceptionally rare, one being born seen as a blessing, with the majority of the populace being made up of males.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dwarves grow very slowly, only reaching adulthood at around fifty years of age, and old age at around two hundred and fifty.

Ecology and Habitats

Dwarves commonly live underground, preferring to build their massive cities deep beneath mountains.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dwarves primarily live on meat hunted above ground and fungus grown in massive caverns deep below the surface. There are a great variety of fungi bred by Dwarves, some specifically to brew beer and ale, others specifically for food, and others still for medicine.


Dwarves tend to appear gruff and aloof to those who are not in their clans or aren't close friends. However, they will act warmly towards any who are a part of these usually very exclusive groups.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dwarves are a Matriarchal Society, with the head of a Clan almost always being the mother of the majority of the Clan. The more important a Clan, the deeper their Holme is located in the city, and the shorter they may cut their beard.   Dwarven beards are a symbol of status in Dwarven culture, the longer the beard, the lower the status of the Dwarf, with only the Matriarchs of the most powerful families or Clans allowed to be clean shaven.

Facial characteristics

Almost all Dwarves have beards and square, blocky facial features. Many often have freckles.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found anywhere their are mountains or ores to mine, Dwarves prefer colder, darker climates that remind them of their underground homes.

Average Intelligence

Dwarves tend to be intelligent in matters that most apply to their trade or craft.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Due to their lives underground, Dwarves are able to see in dark conditions well, and dimlight almost perfectly.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Dwarves honour their children by names taken from ancestors or ancient heroes, meaning that it is quite rare to see a new name or one taken from a different culture on a Dwarf. Dwarf names are rarely shorter than two syllables, and they will usually introduce themselves in full, stating their name, Clan name, and any honorifics they possess.

Beauty Ideals

Shorter beards indicate a higher standing in Dwarven culture, meaning that only the most important can be clean shaven.

Gender Ideals

Dwarven society is Matriarchal, meaning that the woman control literally everything, with the men being little more than workers and warriors to protect her and her daughters.

Courtship Ideals

A male Dwarf will come to a Clan Head with a gift, usually a trophy from a monster they have slain, or an item they have crafted, in hopes of it being accepted and then being allowed to mate with the Clan Head.

Relationship Ideals

A Matriarch will have dozens of males under her, each of which has sired a child with her.

Average Technological Level

Dwarves are prodigious Smiths, Brewers and Crafters, able to create intricate works of technology that baffle the minds of other species.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Common, Dwarvish

Common Etiquette Rules

Dwarves introduce themselves with their full name, clan name, titles and honorifics, and expect others to do the same.

Common Dress Code

Dwarves all wear some form of metal armour, from breast plates to chainmail, at all times. They also all carry a Clan weapon, usually a dagger, though some wield pistols, as a mark of their Clan. Male Dwarves will adorn their beards with jewelry and wealth to indicate their standing within their Clan, while female Dwarves will adorn their hair with treasures and gifts from their suitors.

Culture and Cultural Heritage


Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

All Dwarves carry a Clan weapon.

Common Taboos

Losing your Clan weapon is seen as the greatest dishonour a Dwarf can commit to their Clan and ancestors.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Dwarves tend to mistrust most other species, as they often believe that they are trying to steal the secrets of Dwarven smithing. The only exceptions to this are Gnomes, which are usually seen as helpful as they care more about developing their own craft over taking the crafts of others.
Rock Dwarf Miner
Ancient-Blooded Dwarf Matriarch
200 - 300 years
Average Height
4 ft
Average Weight
90 - 120 kgs
Average Physique
Short and wide, with powerful muscles and hardy bodies.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dwarves can range in colour from pale skin to deeply tanned.
Geographic Distribution
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