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Idioms across Yatràpà

Haven't you ever wondered what your neighbor meant by 'two stars in the night-river?' Got confused by the desert trader who said you shouldn't 'throw the stem out with the spines?' Then do we have the book for you! Our guide will help you through those awkward conversations where you merely nod along! Send this pamphlet to[...]
— Pamphlet on streets of Uàshya Town
There are many cultures across Yatràpà continent, and all of them widely varying turns of phrase. This is a short look into five cultures, and a couple of their idioms.



Rubefià Empire, as a worshipper of Tràyalià, has many of their idioms center around the stars above.
  • 'It would be as likely as choosing the same star in the sky twice.' This phrase is both a reference to something being truly unlikely, and a coincidence being something more. The shortened version is most commonly used in conversation, being 'two stars in the night-river.'


The inhabitants of the cold country of Vutteisia love the moon and their illusionists, so it should be of no wonder that the two appear in their sayings.

  • 'Making illusion into reality.' means to turn a trick into the truth.


When one thinks of the archipelago, the country that comes to mind is Mâhirau̯ Nation. Sunny and lush, Mâhirau̯ has a strong majority of birdkin. Flight (or the lack of it) is common topic in these parts.

  • 'Losing your feathers.' means to get really stressed out.


If you head further south, a traveler will eventually find the Mozlěkkẫrâ̂, people who live all their lives on the sea. While less is known about them, this author risked their life to find out a few idioms from this unknown land (or ocean, so to speak.)

  • 'There's always a fresher breeze.' means that there's good fortune on the horizon.


The desert is an unforgiving land, but even there one can find people. On the traveling oasises, travelers can find the Bio'áltáil.

  • 'Throwing the stem along with the spines' means to throw the good things away as well as the bad. The idiom is probably talking about the Gwáute Cactus, a common crop in the Bio'áltáil's villages.
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