Star wars: shards Between the Panels: Rescues Done and Undone

Between the Panels: Rescues Done and Undone

Political event


The Good: VN Ysadora is no longer the only available Jedi, as Grand Master Yoda was recovered on Drasen before he could be transported to Darth Dragomir and Darth SIdious in Mentis System. He is malnourished and in poor physical health, but expected to recover.
The Bad: Alliance Fleet Admiral d'Arcy, House Vorpadaran Mentat KitKat, and Master Sergeant Yeager Lexics have separately been captured and dragged off toward the Mentis System as replacement victims for the Darths. We need to rescue them before they arrive at that destination. D'arcy will find a way to suicide, if necessary, before he can be successfully interrogated by any Dark Siders or torturers. Our returned Master says that if we lose D'arcy, we'll lose the war. Khun Lakhia passed out after defeating the sniper, and hasn't been well enough to talk since.
Hope: It is a confirmed fact that the Galactic Empire does not firmly control a hyperspace route from Cesya System directly to Mentis System. They will have to travel on several short, unreliable local routes if they wish to avoid clusters of hostile or opportunistic forces, and that will force them to swing wide around the edges of the Sector.

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