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The Revolving Temple 5: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora

General Summary

Ghostie Elnon tells us, among other details, that
  1. When Commander Maeques visited a year ago, that was her second visit to this Revolving Temple; and
  2. this time around, she and her companion were asking whether there is an Infinity Gate on Byss.

  3. I didn't know she had been here a first time.
    Did you know about the Infinity Gates?
    You know, I watched a seed of a Force Tree become a Gate thing, and we got this list of locations where established Gates are known to be located, and Knight al Saba did ... whatever that was, with the platform and the bright light ... and I still don't know anything about an Infinity Gate.
    Dear Master Skywalker:
    Are the quantum anomalies in The Maw spaced evenly
    according to their relative sizes and strengths?
    Dear Vanya,
    The Maw? Vanya, do I want to know?
    Last I understood, it’s just a mess of black holes. I don’t think they are organized or anything by size or strengths. Not that I know of. It’s just a messy knot that is very dangerous to explore.
    Dear S:
    Wait. You’re a pilot and you NEVER LOOKED?
    Okay. Could you ask Hicks? Tell him I am actually asking.
    Dear V:
    The only port is on a desert world. That is a prison planet. Let’s review. Desert world. Prison planet. So, no, I’ve never gone to look.
    I asked Hicks and he says no, they are not organized by strengths. When he last saw the Maw, it looked like a cluster of black holes so close together, they formed – in his opinion – a ‘black hole nebula’. He can’t figure out how Han Solo got near any of that and lived.
    Anyway: guess we're going to Byss.
    We had to cut our visit short because N8-4C0 called for backup. He's in Port Etmar and trying to rescue a bunch of slaves.
    As we're parking, Vance Kerplocken starts trying to talk reason to us about keeping a low profile, not starting anything, all that completely sensible sort of approach that you just know we're not going to actually manage for a standard hour. (No: I'm not going to let him dress me. No: So'Zen isn't going to give up his robes either. But we can dress appropriately for a dusty environment, such as wearing a traveler's robe or poncho, and we can keep mild-mannered as if we think we're background characters in a set piece.)
    Which, uh, sort of works?
    I dunno. The local shopowners see two Human women and decide we must be the advance party of a Medusa plot.
    Compared to those options, I must seem fairly reasonable in my inquiries, because I get civil responses. While somebody goes haring off to the local Crimson Nova guild house to wake 'em up. Whatever.
    We work out that N8's rescuees are either under the Offworld Traders, or else under the Dewback Stables. They are across the main street from each other in the southern part of the city.
    A literally underground fighting pit lies beneath the Dewback Stables' corral. While some of our party manage to place themselves as potential bettors, and N8 is in place as one of the serving droids, it looks like our rescue effort is going to require us to fight in the arena for the prize of the slaves' lives. Wellllll, that's just
    Yeah: that's just typical for us. Okay. No problem.
    Bossman Ani is going to chew us both out, you know.
    Not if we win!
    Oh look, honey. Aurra Sing. The Crimson Nova brought us Aurra Sing.
    How thoughtful!
    Didn't we leave her on Thyferra?
    Remember to make it look real!
    Hey. Is that a grenade falling out of the gladiatorial arena's ceiling?

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  • Infinity Gate
  • Port Etmar
  • Crimson Nova
  • Offworld Traders
  • Dewback Stables
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15 Apr 2017
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