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Tep, the second world of the Chalcedon system, is half the size of Chalcedon, and while it has an atmosphere, is a rocky world noted for extravagant natural gemstone formations. These stones are not mined, as they are fragile and tend not to survive the mining process. However, the crystals are highly prized for weapons manufacturing.   The one moon around Tep is nothing more than a gray-white rock with no atmosphere, covered in a chalky powder that migrates over the small moon in response to its orbit around Tep.


The rocky world does have a small amount of plant life, its more known for its extravagant natural gemstone formations. These bursts of gemstones range in color and size. Many tend to thrust up at odd angles from the rocky soil to form gemstone 'forests'. Most impressive of these is Needle Valley which is home to hundreds of tall sandstone spires. Each spire contains thousands of gemstone 'spines' along its surface.
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