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Strosis Continent (Stro-sis Con-ti-nent)

It’s the third largest continent on the planet, and home to the most trouble. Almost like it's a magnet for it.
Strosis continent is the third largest continent on Chalcedon, lying to the south of the Azath continent and southwest of the Crimoa continent. It extends from east to west for almost 5000 kilometers, but only 2400 kilometers from north to south. The continent is famous for being the home to the most settlements and outposts on the desert planet.
This continent, much like others on Chalcedon, bears the names of the original hyperspace scout team that discovered the world as per the tradition of the era. As with many locations in the known galaxy, those names have been maintained in records handed down from the early 'Expansion' and 'Colonization' eras, through the High Republic era, and to the current day.


Strosis is framed by the Honloo Dust Ocean to the north, the Olat Sea and Piterra Wastes to the south, and the Grogave Expanse to the east. This is the most populated continent, with settlements along the shoreline and some in the Kessora Mountains that spans the middle of the region.
Ruins and other evidence of centuries old visitors to the desolate planet dot the center of Strosis. The shape and design of these ruins suggest that in the distant past, surface water was more prevalent on Chalcedon than today. Those ruins have been a source of study and curiosity for many universities across the galaxy.
The land itself is a mix of rocky mountains that surround a wide desert with rolling sand dunes. The wind drives these dunes across the central continent, exposing or covering occasional oasis filled with brackish water. Any oasis that survives long enough quickly becomes home to some of the few unusual plants that grow on Chalcedon.
Chalcedon animal life is primarily concentrated along the coastline with the exception of the larger varieties. Immense saywix, Aur'rook and more call the sprawling 'deep desert' are in the mid-continent region home. But certain species, such as the saywix and aur'rook can be found in the various dust oceans as well, using ancient underground lava tunnels filled with dust slurry as a mode of transportation.
Planet of Chalcedon
The world of Chalcedon, third planet of the system by the same name found in the Tashtor Sector.

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