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Abbey Normal

This birthday present starred the Very Special Adventuring Non-Duo of Dizzy and assigned chaplain VN Ysadora, and was run on September 5th, 2015

General Summary

So Tyler Barret has got this shipping contract that the ships she sends keep dropping out of contact. She wants me to go over to Letev System and contact the people at Ferris and find out what the what is going on.
On the files describing all the missing people and things, the ship missing is named The Lady Gray. Its captain is Bishop Morgaine, a big tall strapping drink o’ water, kinda like that 2nd in command on the Andromeda on "Jedi Quest". Captain Morgaine owns the Lady Gray and sublets to Barret Transport, who underwrite taxes and docking fees and his upgrades. He is a skilled captain who trained in the Galactic Imperial Academy. He mustered out before any of the really bad hostilities began. There are some sketchy reports about what might have happened when war broke back out, apparently he was not findable to reactivate his commission and he might have been running supplies to the isolated planets. He has a bit of cyberware, including a translator comnode. He had applied to upgrade his comnode to let him communicate with droids.
On this trip, he had no one with him. He has a few specific people that he will hire when he needs a crew for a particular trip.
The Ferris settlement is smaller than a city but widespread for a town. It is an agro-colony, with huge farms of traditional and hydroponic varieties. They have 4 landing pads and a repair bay in their ground-level starport. They are located in Letev System, so they mostly get mining traffic passing through. Letev and Jappa both have gas giants that produce, among other resources, tabana gas.
During the Long Night, they weren’t directly hit much, though of course their navbuoys got messed up just like everyone else’s. It interrupted the flow of trade and they had a bit of a time figuring out what to do with the excess food for a while.
Before we leave Tallaan, we go by the Smiling Vor’s Alehouse, a starport dive likely to have a few members of the Crimson Banner in case someone wants to make a quiet deal. Vanya wants to go talk to them, and Dizzy refuses to be left out of this. Dizzy is learning how you do this "track down a missing person" thing!
So of COURSE we are now talking to Captain Cooper Drake of the Royal James, a blockade runner for the Crimson Banner pirate gang. And Vanya does not know about the previous incident.
And don’t Vanya just blurt right out that the Crimson Banner are being falsely accused of causing Barret’s problems, and Barret knows that is not true, and now Barret is getting harassed anyway, and how do we go about putting a stop to that?
From there we head for that armored shuttle.

More data on what has gone missing:

Tybalt is a forest moon orbiting the 4th planet of Letev. Ferris is relatively recent, only seven generations or so, in terms of longevity of settlements.
On the outskirts of town is a Bene Gesserit abbey, "Rose Abbey". They have a congenial relationship with the local farmers. It is not unknown for some of the initiates and acolytes to go spend time in town. The abbey was there for a long time, and when the sisterhood vanished from the Tapani Sector, the abbey was left empty for a few years. Since things have settled, some of the sisters have returned within the past six months or so. Members include some former Sisters of Battle in addition to traditional Bene Gesserits.
That is actually a pretty common thing with Tybalt, because it is a quiet place outside the flow of action: veterans tend to settle somewhere on the moon.
Since this is in the Freeworlds Territory, there is no Vor who claim ownership of the worlds. The local government is a Council, containing representatives elected by each settlement, and with a 1-term limit. Tybalt Council manages big contracts that cover or affect a significant percentage of the moon.
Freeworlds Star Command has an "orbital precinct" at the 2nd planet in the system. There is a very small Tapani Imperial Military contingent there, the 97th Naval Detachment, but with Jappe System being the end of the run, not a lot of military action is expected through here in the event of anybody getting hinky.
The pilot is Trel'san Reese, a Twi’lek.
Vanya calls Davish while we’re in Tavya System. Meanwhile Dizzy calls Fray ???. In the past when he had to conceal his ship for repairs, Captain Morgaine has hitched onto a comet, or switched his transponder codes for a weather satellite, or latched onto the blind side of a pirate ship.
If instead the problem was an unfriendly boarding action, he has done unpleasant things with the airlock system, or suited up and vented the cooling system in through the air ducts; he usually keeps handy some interesting relaxants that he can inject into the air supply for the corridors where boarders are entering. He might mess with the artificial gravity, too. He is not the kind to dump cargo and run; he is not the kind to just roll over and surrender his cargo.
Townspeople are wearing metal spider backpacks and cybernetic collars. Maintenance droids are trying to pretend that they are droidekas. Somebody is SO getting arrested!
In the end, Vanya and Dizzy find that the Ferris townsfolk bought a droid control system from DimSum Technologies – who are supposedly out of business. The control unit, in reality, turns out to be a prototype of a battle droid control unit created by the Techno Union. It was intended to be used behind enemy lines where it would ‘pacify’, then ‘prepare’ territory for Tapani Confederation use.
In the meantime, Argyle Factors, Inc contracted the mercenary company, Blue Sun Services Group to meet with the locals of Ferris and recon the area. The intent was to offer a collective job contract to the locals, or help them relocate.
As it turned out, the old Bene Gesserit abbey there also had recently been restaffed, by Bene Gesserit sisters who had returned to the order. That messed up everybody's plans, because Bene Gesserits don't succumb easily to anything, while the Adepta Sororitas are happy to purge the unclean first and ask questions never.
We got the spider-droid-whatsit situation cleaned up, we found Captain Morgaine, we got signed affidavits for what happened to who because of which legally liable jerkass, and we called it a Good Day.

Rewards Granted

Vanya did not get paid much for this job. Dizzy jabbed her thumb down on the "assigned chaplain" bit and pushed. Vanya also walked out of this job owing Cooper Drake one favor, and she did not completely lock it down that he can't call it in via Dizzy, either.


Dizzy did get paid, but had to cover Vanya's travel tickets and expenses.

Missions/Quests Completed

Dizzy also got a fairly useful look at how "civilian investigations" go, the kind where you don't have access to all records at your classification or below from ImpSec and the Ministry of Information. She's not sure she likes the civilian version; it seems like a lot more time spent digging through public records, and asking questions nicely


Dizzy also got her only actual field experience of being "the ARC assigned to the Jedi General". She has a little more sympathy for Razak's Roughnecks. To make that worse, Vanya was clearly and unambiguously incredibly entertained by Dizzy's attempts to keep up with a single Jedi Knight through a single combat in a pastoral area.

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
05 Sep 2015


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