Hugo Noble

The Sin Broker

Ha! You think I'm the problem? You think all your little woes are my fault! You ignorant, whiny, loser! Look out at those streets, take a real good look. You think if I was gone this city would suddenly shine? That Enarch himself would descend from on high and paradise would reign? Please! I know two things for certain. One, there's a dozen lowlifes out there chompin' at the bit to take my place. Certainly not with my good looks or charm but you better bet they're out there. And two, Ironrise made me. It needs men like me. Providers. Guys who only ask one question: how much? I give this city only what it asks for. Now go ahead and tell how your dead wife or kids or whatever is my fault again.
— Hugo Noble
The Kingfish of Bell Harbor is perhaps one of the most notorious and feared men in not just Ironrise but all of Spirel. From his humble beginnings coming up in the streets Hugo has always known how to seize opportunity when it presents itself and how to build a cult of personality that borders on myth.
Noble had a respect presence in the underworld of Ironrise and his construction company, Noble Industries, controls all the large-scale projects along the Gainer River. By all accounts his life was more than comfortable but when the Stark Syndicate fell he was faced with an option. Fall in with one of the other organizations or start making moves of his own. Corner by corner, block by block, old Stark territories began to fall, gobbled up by the Kingfish of Bell Harbor. No expense was spared, nor any mercy given. These remnants of the Stark Syndicate were given a simple choice, join or die. Many innocents and independents were forced to make the same decision as well. Most made the safe call and now serve the Kingfish one way or another.

Closest Allies

Hugo holds nothing sacred, especially people. They a liability and a luxury that he doesn't indulge in. However, he knows the value of a good specialist. Kraken's network of spies and terrorists are both frequent buyers and partners. Nathan Masters and Lenore Craven are some of his favorite short-term partnerships. He has no patience fanatics like Loeb and Swann but he's more that happy to side with the likes of Millicent Shaw. He suspects there's more to her than meets the eye but he's more that happy to help funnel weapons into Nightfall for her and in exchange she manages to make his enemies in the distant corners of the world vanish.


Noble has a long list of lives he's ruined over the years and thus no shortage of enemies. Cyrus McTodd , Duncan Hendricks and Franklin Saint are all men who dream of a world without the Kingfish. He also wants Maxie Burke working for him in his weapon's factories. To date, she's always turned him down but penchant for asking politely is fading quick.


Hugo Noble is a Support character with a specialization in Optimizing his Torments and his card draws. His stat line favors Savvy greatly and this allows him to set up any deck for success or failure. His respectable Resource stat combined with his Special Ability allow him to become a true nightmare when it comes to challenge based Torments. Hugo low Ingenuity stat is mitigated by the fact that he can gain Asset cards at any point players gain or send Martial chips, thus representing his nature as a gun runner and mob boss. Finally, he can pass his own Martial Chips off to his allies to further boost their own effectiveness.
Hugo relies heavily on his Special Ability to make up for a mediocre Persistence and heavily Savvy-focused stat line. Unless Martial Chips are being bought and spent regularly he won't have an easy time refilling his hand with Asset cards. If Hugo has to focus on anything other than the Torment Deck he will have to work extra hard to successfully tackle those challenges.
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Noble Stats
Bell Harbor - Ironrise
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