Franklin Saint

Object in Motion

There's no life for me on the other side of this thing, my hands are too dirty. I've done a lot of wrong that I can't make right. The only thing worse than not killing Noble would be to do it and come out alive. I'm done. One way or another ... tonight i'm done.
— Franklin Saint
Franklin Saint wasn't much to talk about until Hugo Noble found him. He was a grease monkey and street racer out of the slums of Oracle Parish in Port Shatter. He lived an unremarkable life in an unremarkable corner of the world but one night something happened. He beat a racer who had a big mouth and big connections. Those connections ran all the way up to the Kingfish of Bell Harbor himself and he had to see first hand the driver daring enough to take a shortcut through the crowded streets of Ressurection Parish just to win a race. Noble brought Saint to Ironrise, took him under his wing. By day, Franklin was competing in autocar races with the finest vehicle Noble Industries could finance. By night, he worked on Hugo's crews as a getaway driver.
Everything changed when Noble and the Stark Syndicate went to war. Saint drove a group of the Kingfish's men to a quiet little house in the Raven's Perch District. The job was simple and the pay better than normal. He asked no questioned but the next day the news was hard to ignore. One of the Stark boys, his wife and two children were all found bound, and stabbed to death in their home. That whole family had never taken part in the territory war between the two powers but Hugo thought it would send the right message. Franklin turned his back on his long-time friend but he found out that the Kingfish of Bell Harbor does not suffer betrayal.
From that day to today, Franklin has been losing the people he loved. The last one, his youngest brother, was strangled to death by Hugo personally and throw into the Gainer River. Now, the only person left in his life is Noble and his only purpose left is killing the Kingfish.

Closest Allies

Franklin's friends are all dead. They litter the bottom of Bell Harbor now. He has trouble trusting anyone enough to let them get close to him because Noble's money is has turned friends against him before. And those that can't be turned are eventually broken and forced to betray.

He's worked with Cyrus McTodd before. They share a common enemy but also a goal only one of them can reach. Killing Hugo. Duncan Hendricks is another frequent ally who's helped secretly shuttle Franklin and his car where they need to be. He's met Katherine Harrington before and even helped her with a piece or two of her own personal quest. He respects her and often thinks that if things were different she'd even be the kind of person he could love. It's not something he dwells on often though. That man doesn't exist anymore.


Hugo Noble is the sole focus of Saint's life now and he'll go to any lengths to end his former friend. No one else holds matters to him. That being said Bart Stark has a keen interest in Saint. He blames Franklin for the murder of his family members and as such has a considerable bounty on his head.


Franklin Saint is a Support character with a specialization in Mobility His stat line makes him ideal for tackling any Evasion challenges. He's also fast enough to reach any key challenge thanks to his free movement and Evasion Stat. His special ability, Object in Motion, allows him to support nearby allies with his Evasion chips as well as moving them around with him.
Saint's a man on the verge of breaking and his low Persistence score reflects that. Keeping an eye on his Persistence level is key. Also, Saint is highly specialized toward movement and Evasion. He not easily able to pivot to other tasks thanks to a low Ingenuity and Savvy. His Resource of 2 will help him repurpose some of those Evasion chips somewhat but getting new chips, in general, will be difficult.
Saint Backer

Saint Stats
Oracle Parish - Port Shatter
Saint Katherine Rose


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