Maxie Burke

Pride and Innovation

Arc science isn't that dangerous. Resonance tech isn't either. They're easily controlled and predictable if you know what you're doing. I have no idea what I'm doing so this whole thing is very dangerous. I can't stress that enough. Really. Really. Dangerous.
— Maxie Burke
If anyone knows the dangers of forced innovation it's Maxie. She was once an engineer in Clocktower where her skills were put to the test in the Construct factories. She created newer and more functional models to meet the needs of the city: construction, policing, agriculture. However, all of that would come crashing down when the Black Forge was born and renegade constructs declared war on the city. Maxie was one of the survivors who managed to escape but not without some scars. The machines took her eye and the life she built for herself. Some may even say she lost her sanity in the battle-ravaged streets of Clocktower as well.
Maxie now lives out of her workshop in Irontwist taking on whatever odd jobs she can to fund her various mad science projects that are piling up. However, she's always willing to clear her schedule to take up arms for a worthy cause such as supporting the labor strikes consuming Ironrise, delivering sacred relics to the Church of Enarch and returning to her home city whenever possible to strike back against the renegade legions.

Closest Allies

Duncan Hendricks's airship the Ceylon is perhaps her favorite piece of machinery in the city. Maxie takes every opportunity she can to modify the old freighter and take off on an adventure with its captain.

Franklin Saint has been bringing auto cars to her for repair and modification for years now. There's no mechanic he trust more in all of Spirel.


The burdens that weigh down both Hendricks and Saint make Maxie a target. Bart Stark and Hugo Noble are fully aware of the support she gives to their enemies and making her disappear would bring a smile to both their faces.
Maxie has become a prominent member in the labor unions that are striking all throughout Ironrise. The Chief of Police, Bennett Creedy and his mysterious master the Prime Minister would both certainly rejoice if an unforeseen accident were to befall Ms. Burke.


Maxie Burke is a Support character with a specialization in Optimizing the Start Phase card played by both her and her allies. This allows even cards with minor benefits to suddenly have a greater impact. Maxie pairs very well with any other hero who makes considerable use of their chips so long as they have enough cards in hand to augment.
Maxie's weakness is her durability. She has a very low persistence total and her special ability requires persistence to use. Any villain dedicated to the task can easily break her if her support becomes problematic.
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Maxie Stats
Felix Plaza - Clocktower
Maxie Burke vs Robots
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