Cyrus McTodd

One Last Fight

I'm so tired of fighting. If I dare look over my shoulder at life I've lived all I see is arenas, blood, ringing bells and faces so bruised they don't look human. It's a lonely damn life and I'm careful not to look back at it often. I keep my eyes forward. There's one last fight ahead, a big one. The last one.
— Cyrus McTodd
Cyrus McTodd has been the last man standing more times than he cares to count. He's spent a lifetime in boxing rings and back alleys, bare-knuckle brawls. His father was a fighter. It was a life he never wanted for his son but the allure of the money and the fame was hard to resist. Cyrus walked the same path as his father and he fell in with the same parasites that ultimately killed the man when Cyrus was a young boy. The Kingfish of Bell Harbor, Hugo Noble, reeled in Cyrus with the temptations of fame, fortune, and privilege. Cyrus found himself further and further in the Kingfish's debt and having to carry out favors for him on the side. Shakedowns and intimidation at first, armed robbery, protection rackets and even murder toward the end.
Toward the end of his career he'd already made enemies with Ironrise's law enforcement, including Bennet Creedy. He's beaten or killed many of Bart Stark's enforcers and stole goods from Kraken's finest agents like Lenore Craven. He was ready to retire and finally had Hugo's blessing. Or, so he thought. The Kingfish had other plans. McTodd knew too much and his freedom was a liability. During their final meeting, Noble had the man shot, beaten and thrown in the Gainer River. Instead of vanishing like all the others Hugo disposed of over the years he woke up at the edge of the Gainer in a patch of debris and tangled weeds, alive and betrayed. By the time he made it home, he realized the Kingfish had killed anyone else Cyrus might have shared his secrets with. He was more alone now than he'd ever been. And that was left for him is one final fight. As his father used to say... the big dance number.

Closest Allies

Most of Cyrus' friends and family are at the bottom of Bell Harbor, courtesy of Hugo Noble. He doesn't let many people get close to him anymore because if the Kingfish finds he'll take them too. Maxie Burke has worked alongside Cyrus a few times though. She's not afraid of Noble and wants to see Cyrus come out the other side of his quest alive. Franklin Saint and Duncan Hendricks both come from the streets and are deeply mired in Ironrise's criminal underbelly. They've fought alongside Cyrus a number of times.


It goes without saying that Hugo Noble is man betrayed Cyrus and left his life in ruins. Noble doesn't even know McTodd survived, not yet anyway. Cyrus hasn't made his move yet but when he does he plans on breaking the Kingfish once and for all.


Cyrus McTodd is a Mission Specialist character with a specialization in Offense. His stat line gives him a decent shot at any task or challenge outside of Ingenuity. His special ability, Savage Proclivity, is going to slowly wither away at anyone who opposes him in challenges and it can be a very real threat to Villains with low persistence, forcing non-optimal villains to take on opposing Cyrus. When Cyrus Lays Low the additional effect of his special ability ensures he'll always have some Martial Chips to wager or spend.
Cyrus' most glaring weakness is his low Persistence total. Life has been hard on him and he has little left to give. As villains get lower in Persistence the threat Cyrus represents will grow and they'll be forced to throw every effort into eliminating him. He also has a very low Ingenuity stat so Cyrus cannot be reckless with his asset card usage. Getting more in hand will be especially difficult.
Cyrus McTodd Backer

Cyrus Stat Shield
Crow Coil District - Ironrise
Cyrus McTodd beatdown


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