Jefferson Swann

See My Power!

It's MY TURN! MY TIME! You have no idea how long I've waited for this! The power! I'll reshape the very face of Spirel! Warp reality into whatever shape I want! Kneel before your new god!
— Jefferson Swann
Swann is an unlikely threat to the stability of Spirel. His humble origin begins in the middle-class district of Crow Coil in Ironrise. The son of a baker and a kind mother. He has brothers, sisters and a family who loves him. He has a life as well. By day he works at his father's bakery or attends the local university to study archeology. By night, Jefferson Swann seeks the favor of nihilistic entities that dwell just outside our reality.
Jefferson always had an interest in history. The engima offered by Spirel's ancient past were an impossible riddle for him to ignore. When he came of university age he chose the field of archeology and committed himself fully. He traveled the continent with his class and his professors learning everything he could from the vague and fragmentary shards of the world before the First Awakening. His peers and teachers always spoke of that time academically; without the respect it deserved. Swann began his own studies, free from the structured rigors of his university field trips. He traveled alone to places like the Endu Gate, Promatory Rock, the Reach mountains and the dead cities of the Scorch. He broke into reliquaries belonging to the Enarchi Church and stole their hidden secrets. He even sought out the Dorian Loeb to learn what he could from the heretical priest.
Today, Swann conceals his quest for the dark wisdom of a distant age behind the veneer of a simple academic and dedicated son. In truth, every moment of his life is spent fantasizing about a day when he can unlock the power he's been seeking and force reality to kneel before its new god.

Closest Allies

Dorian Loeb is the first figure Swann ever met who could actually channel some of the power of the outer darkness, Oblivion, as Loeb calls it. Swann's learned that it has many names: The Hunger Below, The Dweller in Darkness, Ashekarvaresh, Xhesrehkul, Death. Each worshiped in their own way, each fascet offering unique versions of entropic power. Swann doesn't truly venerate this sentient void so much as lusts for the strength it can provide him. He wants nothing less than rule over everyone who thought him meek and Oblivion is a tool toward that end.


Jefferson despises Elijah Butler deeply. Butler, like many others before him, dealt Swann a deep blow to his ego. He scattered the small group of followers that Swann had assembled in Silken Row and embarrassed him deeply. The groveling, simpering Swann managed to skitter to safety that day and vow revenge against Elijah.


Jefferson Swann is an Optimizer in every way and everything he does is focused on strengthen himself and perfecting his turn. Swann's Special Ability, All-Consuming Obsession, allows him to Cycle the top cards of the Villain Asset Deck prior to drawing up his cards every turn. This allows him to tailor his Start Phase toward whatever ends he desires. Combining that with his high Ingenuity stat allows him to not only set up the cards he wants but to get them all into hand. The other half of his ability allows him to trade Persistence for cards at the start of any of his phases. No other character has access to this level of card draw and optimization.
Swann's greatest weakness is his fragility. His low Persistence makes him an easy target for the Heroes, especially a martially focused one like Agatha Rutledge. Because part of his ability draws upon Persistence to pay for it makes him exceptionally vulnerable.
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Swann Stats
Crow Coil District - Ironrise
Dark Alliance Stark and Swann
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