Agatha Rutledge

Hatred is my gift

All are punished.
— Agatha Rutledge
There are numerous sects and orders within the Church of Enarch: Thaumaturges, Shepherds, the Order of the Unbroken and many others. Yet, none are so public, fanatical and feared as the Pavers of the Way. Their task is simple, lay low the enemies of the Church with bloody efficiency. Agatha is a hallowed champion among the Pavers of the Way and one of the most dangerous weapons the Church has in its arsenal.
Agatha's most recent task has been to track down and execute a rogue member of the faith, Dorian Loeb. He has turned to the worship of an ancient evil that seeks to destroy not only the Church but all of Spirel. Her investigation connects Loeb to a number of vile enemies such as Jefferson Swann and even the Prime Minister of Ironrise. She intends to find out how deep Dorian's cult runs and then exterminate it.

Closest Allies

Friends are not something a Paver ever expects to have. Such bonds distract from the obligation to Enarch. That said, she does have a professional respect for several heroes she's had the chance to fight beside. She respects Cyrus McTodd's fighting prowess and his quest for blood. He's also one of the few people she's ever met that can match her martial acumen.

She has a considerable interest in last of the Harrington bloodline. Katherine has become the object of Dorian's obsession and Agatha is more than willing to use the young woman as bait. Even if that means putting up with her plucky optimism and the manic excitment of Katherine's cousin, Rose .


Dorian Loeb and the darkness he worships is target of her current mission. Loeb is well aware of her the fanatic on his tail and he's more than willing to sacrifice countless followers to slow her down. However, if Agatha truly knew the dangers of Oblivion and its connection to Spirel she would turn her sights toward Prime Minister Beckett Blackwell.


Agatha Rutledge is an Aggressor with a specialization in Tanking Her abilities are all geared toward inflicting persistence loss, regaining her own lost persistence and pursuing villains. No other hero is as effective at breaking villains as her.
While Agatha is the most heavy-handed aggressor in the game she is also extremely limited in her ability to multi-task. Her stats are heavily slanted toward martial challenges only. While her high persistence will allow her to weather any retaliation she will be strapped for asset cards due to her low ingenuity and savvy stats. Agatha will need to lean on her allies to accomplish endeavors and support her shortage of asset cards.
Agatha Back

Agatha Alone
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Champion of Enarch
Radiant Parish - Port Shatter


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