Rose Sabbot

Relax, I got this

I've been thinking about it and I figured out the whole problem with Doctor Plank and her live-forever juice or whatever it's called. It doesn't work. And, she's probably just afraid of looking real dumb in front of those other evil crybabies. So she's just going through the motions, really putting on a show, ya know? If she'd just admit the whole thing is broke she could retire somewhere nice in Port Shatter, especially on a doctor's salary. Honestly, it's ok to make mistakes. I do it all the time!
— Rose Sabbot
The Sabbots and the Harringtons are kin to each other and both are well known throughout all the known cities of Spirel but especially in Ironrise. While the Harrington line has faded the Sabbots are ever on the rise. Rose's family is known for the large swathes of expensive property they buy up in fashionable districts within Ironrise and Ressurection Parish in Port Shatter. They develop opulent hotels, spas, regal estates and posh businesses. Rose is the middle daughter of Lord Lyle Sabbot, the patriarch of the Sabbot Family. She's led a relatively sheltered life free from the consequences of her rather outlandish actions.
In recent months she's been traveling across Spirel with her cousin, Katherine. The excitement of solving mysteries, confronting dangerous villains and helping those in need is rather irresistible to her. Despite her upbringing, Rose is perhaps the most altruistic of all of Spirel's heroes. She wants to do good for no other reason than it's the right thing to do. She just always goes about it in the most bombastic and ill-informed manner possible.

Closest Allies

Rose has no idea what's going. Her best guess is that some evil guys are trying to do about a dozen different evil things and all of them would be super bad if successful. Katherine is out there trying to figure out whatever got her Dad killed and is pretty sure Dorian Loeb did it. Rose isn't 100% convinced he didn't slip on a rock and die somewhere but she's not going to be rude about it. Duncan Hendricks is always complaining about debts and freedom but her take on it has always been "pay your damn bills and don't be so dramatic about it". Everyone needs to just calm down and let her take care of it. She's got this.
The only person in her life that Rose truly lives for is Grace. When Grace appeared in the alley in Silken Row, Rose was the first one to find her and the first one to tell her it will all be ok. It's a promise that Rose takes very seriously. She loves Grace with all of her heart and knows the feeling is mutual. She wishes she could do everything in the world with Grace.


Doctor Polly Plank dreams of strapping Rose down and slicing her way through every inch of the woman's body. She's convinced that somewhere inside Rose is the secret to completing the Immortality Equation. She's seen Rose escape death narrowly time after time after time. To Polly's insanity-soaked genius this cannot be a coincidence. There has to be a meaning behind it.
Rose also uses her every resource to confound Bennet Creedy and his Ram's Wrath who are always hot on the trail of her friend, Grace. She's used her money and family status to derail him several times. The same goes for Milicent Shaw and the Shaw Regency who want Grace for themselves.


Rose Sabbot is a Mission Specialist character with a focus on Optimizing her stats via her card draw abilities. Rose will almost always be Asset Card rich and with her ability to set up her draws to be of peak usefulness with her high Savvy stat those cards will always be valuable. Her increased hand size allows her to hold onto an extra card as well. Rose's Lay Low actions come with the added benefit of Asset Cards as well thanks to her Dear Mom and Dad special ability. All of this culminates in a truly powerful chuck of Asset Cards in hand. As an added bonus she's able to spend those cards for Persistence gain at any time as well. Rose should be able to get at whatever card or chips she needs. Rose also has one of the highest Resource stats in the game ensuring she's able to get the most out of any of her stat pools.
Asset Cards are the fuel this character runs off of. Rose has an extremely low starting Persistence and any concentrated effort by the Villains to break her will either put her out of the game early or leave her frequently starved for Asset Cards. Rose's stat line is also a problem for her. If she cannot get at the cards she needs to optimize her stats she will be ill equipped to take on any challenge other than one focusing on Savvy.
Rose Backer

Rose Stats
Raven's Perch - Ironrise
Grace and Rose
Rose Grenade


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