Dorian Loeb

To Be the Last

I've seen it in my dreams. True beauty, true, perfect beauty. The moment when it all falls into darkness. When the noise is silenced, when the chaos comes to a standstill, when all meaning is washed away. That perfect moment when nothing is left. Nothing. That is the promise of Oblivion. A beauty unlike anything life has ever known.
— Dorian Loeb
From his humble beginnings as a priest in the Enarchi Church, Dorian Loeb has come to represent a truly prolific threat to all of the Spirel. He has no interest in influence, wealth, or conquest. For him, he wants nothing less than to erase all of existence, to feed the world to Oblivion and all he asks in return is to be the last man. To have the privilege of watching reality give way to void before melting into nothingness as well.

Closest Allies

Dorian has no allies, only expendable sycophants looking to share in the glory of Oblivion. He sees villains like Hugo Noble and Bart Stark as small-minded simpletons to be exploited while older, more esoteric figures like Millicent Shaw and Prime Minister Blackwell are more akin to forces of nature that must be weathered.

In his quest to deliver Spirel into the hungry maw of Oblivion Dorian has learned that brief, tenuous alliances with the others can be beneficial in the short-term though. These temporary cooperations may see Dorian acting as a teacher to the likes of Jefferson Swann, an enforcer in the employ of Bennett Creedy or even serving as an agent of Kraken. All such alliances are only a matter of convenience and are likely to end in betrayal and murder.


Dorian has only one other obsession that competes with his obedience to Oblivion and that is the Harrington Bloodline. Lord Nigel Harrington was a famed explorer who sought to make sense of the time before the First Awakening and in his quest, he crossed paths with Dorian Loeb. Dorian delighted in watching the man's sanity unravel as he edged closer and closer to the truths he so desperately sought. He manipulated the demise of many friends and family close to Lord Harrington before ultimately dragging him into darkness as well. He now seeks to start the cycle anew with Nigel's last remaining blood relative, his daughter Katherine


Dorian Loeb is a Tank character with a specialization in Mission Accomplishment He is incredibly self-reliant and is at his best when he is far away from both enemy and ally alike. This allows him to pursue his Scheme or launch Torments from aware and gain full benefit from the regenerative effects of his Oblivion's Eternal Bliss ability. This solitary playstyle makes Dorian a difficult opponent to interfere with as he will often go to great lengths to keep himself constantly out of reach. Since Dorian will be so far away from the heroes (if at all possible) it allows him to spend Start Phase cards on stacking his chips rather than holding them back for challenges. Once he's played all of his useful cards Dorian can use the secondary effect of his special ability to refill his hand with fresh assets and his he played his turn well he should be far enough away from any other character to mitigate the persistence cost a bit.
Dorian's primary weakness is the lack of flexibility he has. Once's he's committed to hunkering down on the far side of Spirel it will be very difficult to get himself in the middle of the action should it be needed. This puts added pressure on his partner to act as the opposition to Heroes. Finally, while his Persistence score is one of the highest in the game his Martial stat is among the lowest. He will not be able to dish out much damage from his hiding spot and won't be of much use in softening up the Heroes.
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Dorian Stats
Radiant Parish/Port Shatter
Dorian Offering
The Offering by Crimzon Studios


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