Elijah Butler

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The Kingfish... people really call you that? Haha... good for you, must be very flattering to hear down in Bell Harbor. But, let's get something straight here. In this business, people need my product like a fish needs water. Territory, safe zones, neutral ground. You want to sell those guns on my streets then you follow my rules. Innocent blood isn't cost of doing business here in Silken Row. It'll cost you your life, you get me? The wrong people get hurt and you get killed.
— Elijah Butler
Elijah came up on the streets of Silken Row the same as countless others; no family, odd jobs and illicit contracts. Street barker for theaters and brothels, card shark, thief and pit boss at the casinos that clog every corner. Unlike so many others those Elijah had his limits. Killing wasn't something he'd ever take a single note of scrip for. If killing needed doing than it was for a reason. Innocent people weren't marks to be abused or swindled. Profiting from peoples' pleasures instead of their pain is as honest as a day's work gets in his circles and he cherishes that fine line more than anything else.
Today, Elijah has his hands in every pocket in Silken Row. He pays the young street rats to stay out of peoples pockets and instead get them into the bars, casinos and theaters. His muscle keeps brothel visitors on their best behavior. His club, the Carmine Queen, gives the citizens of Silken Row somewhere to enjoy good music, drinks and card tables. It's also neutral ground that's played host to talks between Kraken Agents, Starks, Noble Industries and countless others. It's why many refer to Elijah and the Ambassador and the Silken Diplomat.

Closest Allies

Elijah's dearest friends are those that share his same "flexible morality". Anyone who knows the greater good is more than just the letter of the law. He's helped Rose Sabbot and her friends on a number of occasions. He find's the woman to be absolutely a delight to be around and one of the purest hearts in all of Ironrise. Duncan Hendricks and Maxie Burke are two heroes that he takes every opportunity to work with. They're always on the wrong side of the law and the right side of his own personal moral compass.

He's worked a few times alongside Cyrus McTodd and Franklin Saint but both men are ultimately a liability. While they all share common enemies Elijah is cautious to ever get involved with them. It's only a matter of time before they go down in the blaze of glory they're after and he fears how many good men they'll take down that road with them.


There are a number of people that would love to see the Carmine Queen burn to the ground and her Ambassador with it. Nathan Masters finds the idea of having to treat with a scoundrel like Butler humiliating. His associate Lenore has a rather dangerous obsession with the man as well. Bart Stark and Hugo Noble detest the man's "rules" as well but tolerate his existence because of the criminal network that Silken Row offers.
Jefferson Swann is an unlikely adversary who holds a grudge against Butler. He was humiliated and thrown out of Silken Row by Elijah, who discovered the Oblivion Cult the young man was trying to start by luring in the most vulnerable citizens of the district.


Elijah Butler is a Support character with a specialization in Team Work. His special ability, Card Shark, allows him to make use of his hand of cards during his ally's turn. This ability is further bolstered by the added benefit of drawing an asset card when he cycles a deck. He also comes with a healthy Resource stat of two which will allow him to put any chip piles to good use
Elijah's character is built around supporting his ally. This means that many of his turns will be spent on gathering Asset cards rather than accomplishing Endeavors and Sidequests. If he should ever be Asset card poor he's useful will drastically plummet. Elijah also has a rather low Persistence level meaning that should his constant meddling become a problem for the Villains he is easily dealt with.
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