Continuation War

The Conflict


This war finds its origins in the Territorial War which opposed the Myrran Trade Union and the Qravadox Directorate between 2255 and 2259, the Union having lost this war maintained a feeling of revenge and fear in the face of the Qravadox Directorate. This is why when the uriys revolted to gain independence, the Myrran Trade Union immediately took advantage of this opportunity, after overriding the protests of the Federal Republic, to immediately declare war on them.


The main forces that were deployed for the Ungus Coalition during the conflict were the expeditionary forces of the Zelvan Council and the Myrran Trade Union. For the Qravadox Directorate, it deployed several of these fleets to contain the coalition's advance throughout the war.


The battlefield will be primarily spatial where most battles will take place, although several planetary invasions were carried out to gain control of planets south of the territory of the Qravadox Directorate.

The Engagement

The war began with the two battles of Alcor which saw the Myrran Trade Union expeditionary fleet confront the forces of the Qravadox Directorate in both battles. The first battle ended in a status quo which forced the Myrran Trade Union to withdraw, the second however saw a decisive victory of the coalition which opened the way to Camthrin. Important battles were the Battles of Subtranius and Kanadrius where the expeditionary forces of the Zelvan Council and Myrran Trade Union who faced qravadox fleets as well as ground forces during planetary invasions. These battles were victories for the coalition, but at the cost of heavy losses in the face of fierce resistance from the defendants.

Other important battles were the First and Second Battles of Iflillion towards the end of the war between the Zelvan Council expeditionary force and several fleets of the Qravadox Directorate. Both battles were decisive victories for the Zelvan Council which decimated the qravadox fleets, opening the way to the heart of the territory of the Qravadox Directorate which prompted it to surrender. Ultimately, the last major battle was the Battle of Courus where the forces of the three coalition members faced the forces of the Qravadox Directorate. Having already lost all these forces on the front lines, the battle was a victory for the coalition, which slaughtered the rest of the qravadox forces. The victory however came at the cost of significant losses for the three members of the coalition, particularly the uriys, whose ships were technologically behind those of their enemies.


The immediate effects of the war were on the political level with the creation of the Free Uriy Commonwealth which took control of several border systems with the Myrran Trade Union. Also, the Zelvan Council gained a lot of prestige on the galactic plane, being its first war, this one had succeeded in showing to the galaxy that this one was able to carry out military operations.


In the long term, the war resulted in a loss of influence from the Qravadox Directorate in the north to the profile of the Myrran Trade Union, however the Qravadox Directorate recovered from its defeat in a hundred years by rebuilding its fleet. However, the war discouraged this one from rubbing shoulders with the Alliance again as long as it did not have sufficient military power or new allies so that it recognized the Free Uriy Commonwealth even if relations between both entities are disastrous. The war also encouraged the Qravadox Directorate to move closer to the Kingdom of the Houses of Youndarim which combined with the signing of the military cooperation treaty between the two entities a hundred years later. Finally, the effectiveness of the military forces of the Zelvan Council and his leadership in the coalition made him gain much influence within the Alliance of Alpha Quadrant which started to worry the Federal Republic.

Historical Significance

This war was a major turning point in history with major border changes for all of the quadrant that have consequences that can still be seen today. The most important being of course the creation of the Free Uriy Commonwealth which upset the geopolitical order of the region in favor of the Myrran Trade Union and also of the Zelvan Council encouraging the Qravadox Directorate to move closer with the Kingdom of the Houses of Youndarim to counterbalance this renewed influence of their rivals.


This war had a major impact on the uriy and qravadox people who experienced the war most directly with the material destruction that was concentrated mainly in their territories. It was also their forces that suffered the most loss of life, with one of them having an army that was far behind technologically and the other an army that was greatly outnumbered.

Technological Advancement

As with all military conflicts, this period was marked by very significant technological advances for the two belligerents who developed these technologies for the creation of new vessels, new weapons and new computer systems. All these discoveries were then transposed into the civil domain where some proved to be very useful to the population.
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Victory for the Ungus Coalition



The coalition has a significant military force, since it brings together a major power as well as a galactic middle power as well as the rebel uriys elements who are excellent fighters. The force of this will grow with each year of the conflict, as the uriys consolidate their burgeoning armies with the help of the Myrran Trade Union.
Although powerful at the time, as well as today, it having recovered from its defeat, the military might of the Qravadox Directorate could not compete with the military might of its adversaries. Additionally, it was learned that this one was at war with another unknown alien power. This therefore prevented him from aligning all these forces to counter his opponents, condemning him to certain defeat in the long term.


The Myrran Trade Union will suffer heavy losses in several battles due to the ferocity of the Qravadox forces, but their losses will still be less than those of their opponent. As for the Zelvan Council, it will suffer slight losses thanks to its armed forces, which will prove to be extremely effective. It is the uriys who will pay the heaviest tribe of the coalition, their armed forces being at their beginning, their combat excellence will not be enough to make up for their material disadvantage in several battles which they will win only at the cost of terrible losses.
The Qravadox Directorate suffered terrible losses during this war, losing a good part of its fleet, its armies as well as civilian losses during the invasion of certain worlds which are now part of the Free Uriy Commonwealth.


The official goal of the coalition is to support the uriys in their struggle for independence from the Qravadox Empire. Unofficially, this war was primarily a revenge of the Myrran Trade Union, which wanted to avenge the defeat they had suffered, some two hundred years earlier. The Union also wanted to destabilize the Qravadox Empire which was, and still is, its greatest rival by taking away part of its territory to give it to the uriys to form a buffer state.
The objective of the Qravadox Directorate was to prevent the creation of a buffer state which would deprive it of a major strategic lever and to maintain its territorial integrity in the face of attacks from these adversaries.


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