Territorial War

The Conflict


From the first meeting between the Myrran Trade Union and the Qravadox Directorate, a territorial rivalry will arise between the two entities on an area southeast of their common border. After a decade of rising tensions, seeing the weakness of the Myrran Trade Union and being confident in its military capabilities. The Qravadox Directorate deliberately provoked the Union by invading the planet of Ungus, home to a primitive, atomic-age population that the Myrran Trade Union had declared to be under its protection. Having no choice but to intervene at the risk of losing face, the Union therefore declared war shortly after the confirmation of the invasion.


The Myrran Trade Union deployed much of its military force during the war either as an expeditionary force to halt the Qravadox invasion on Ungus and as a force to defend its home territory. On the side of the Qravadox Directorate, the forces deployed were several invasion fleets since the Myrran Trade Union, throughout the war, never attempted to invade the territory of the Qravadox Directorate. Indeed, since the fleets were under the direction of the megacorporations, they only defended their territories. When the federal government took over, it was too late to think of a counter-offensive.


All of the fighting took place in space since the territories where the majority of the fighting took place was, at that time, not yet colonized. However, although it is not directly related to the clash of the two powers, the invasion of Ungus was indeed the only ground combat of the war.

The Engagement

There were six major battles throughout the war in the Camthrin, Karazit, Girtab, Takharam, Peudeanus and Zhir systems as well as three minor ones in the Ulassia, Girtab and Alcor systems. The Battle of Camthrin at the very beginning of the war saw the confrontation of the expeditionary forces of the Union, obtained thanks to the cooperation of one of the megacorporations whose territory adjoined the system of Camthrin and one of the fleets of invasions of the Qravadox Directorate. The battle was a terrible defeat for the Union, which halted the offensive and caused the loss of a large part of the engaged fleet. The battles of Karazit, Peudeanus as well as the first battle of Girtab took place during the year 2257 and at the beginning of 2258.

The latter have seen the confrontation between local defense fleets against invading fleets of the Qravadox Directorate. Each time, these battles were defeats for the Union, which lost a large part of the ships belonging to these fleets. Towards the end of the year 2258, the Qravadox Directorate paused in its offensive to resupply these fleets, repair them, and solidify these gains. It was during this lull that the Myrran Trade Union changed its military doctrine and began to truly coordinate these fleets. So when the qravadox fleets set out to continue their advance. They were defeated twice in key systems at the battles of Takharam and Zhir in early 2259 which completely halted their momentum and gave the Union its first victories of the conflict.

Subsequently, the Union took over systems to complete its line of defense, thus claiming another victory at the Battle of Ulassia by destroying the last remnants of an invasion fleet. After the line of defense was installed, the Myrran Trade Union made two attempts to retake more territory in mid-2259. However, their forces had to retreat at the Battle of Alcor and the Second Battle of Girtab against qravadox forces. The Qravadox Directorate attempted the same, but it also failed to break through the Union defense, this status quo forced the two warring parties to begin peace negotiations a few months later.


After the war, the Myrran Trade Union set up a centralized military command which will be used in times of war, the rest of the time, the military forces are under the responsibility of the various megacorporations. Defeat was also going to be one of the main reasons for the Myrran Trade Union to create the Alliance of Alpha Quadrant with the Zelvan Council and the Federal Republic a few decades later, as the Union sought allies to ensure its security. The Qravadox Directorate will also definitively take control of Ungus which it will transform into a naval production center using local labor.


In the long term, this war officially marked the beginning of the eternal rivalry between the Myrran Trade Union and the Qravadox Directorate which continues to this day. The defeat of the Union will also lead to a deep humiliation of it resulting in a feeling of revenge. All these consequences will be the main causes of the other war which will oppose these two entities about two hundred years later. The Qravadox Directorate also asserts itself as a major power in the galaxy and will keep this status for a good part of its history, despite its defeat in the next war. He will lose this title only during the 25th century which was a period of stagnation and decline for this empire, but thanks to great efforts, the 26th century was a renewal for him. The Myrran Trade Union was also officially reclassified as a minor power, although it won the next war, this was only possible thanks to the Zelvan Council which gained a lot of prestige during this war.

Historical Significance

Although this conflict is the smallest in terms of scale and belligerents involved in the history of the galaxy, these consequences will be decisive in the outbreak of the Continuation War. He will also be the cause of the deep feeling of humiliation that the myrran people will experience following their defeat and of the hatred they have for the Qravadox Directorate.


This conflict was a great collective trauma for the myrrans who feel deeply humiliated by this wars and the peace that followed. Indeed, the loss of part of their territory, of a large part of their fleet which was destroyed during the conflict and the loss of prestige left a stubborn bitter taste.

Technological Advancement

As with all military conflicts, this period was marked by very significant technological advances for the two belligerents who developed these technologies for the creation of new vessels, new weapons and new computer systems. All these discoveries were then transposed into the civil domain where some proved to be very useful to the population.
Included Conflicts
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Qravdox Directorate victory


Myrran Trade Union
Qravadox Directorate


Although the Myrran Trade Union was considered, at the time and still today, a middle power, the Union had before the war a great strategic weakness which greatly reduced its room for maneuver. Indeed, its armed forces were not under a single command, but rather divided equally between the four management areas assigned to a megacorporation which then had them under their command. This major factor greatly reduced the power of the Union, which could not launch a coordinated assault, even though towards the end of the war. The federal government took more and more responsibility to avoid a total fiasco and formalized the creation of a centralized wartime command.
At that time, the Qravadox Directorate was at the height of its power and was considered a great power in the galaxy, which largely explains their victory. Although they suffered a relative decline that will culminate in the Continuation War, the Qravadox Directorate has now partially regained this power of yesteryear and is once again considered a great power.


The Myrran Trade Union suffered heavy losses throughout the war due to its successive defeats, although towards the end of the war, the regaining of control by the federal government and the success in creating a line of defense for contain enemy forces.
Although the Qravadox Directorate also suffered significant losses, they were far less than those suffered by their opponents. The increasing casualties at the end of the war and the new defense of their enemies caused the qravadox to accept to accept the peace negociations with the Myrran Trade Union.


The two main objectives of the Myrran Trade Union were to stop the Onatach invasion on Ungus to prevent them from making it a forward base and to defend its territorial integrity.
The two main objectives of the Qravadox Directorate were to conquer Ungus to use it as a forward base and to conquer part of the territory of the Myrran Trade Union to the south.


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