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A Mysterious Stone

Symon awoke from a nap to a loud ringing that faded into the rattling of wheels on tracks, and the chatter of people outside. He found himself in the street car he was taking to work. It was early in the morning, the sun was just barely peeking over the tops of the buildings, drenched in dawn hues. The streets were just filling with the morning commuters making their way out on foot.     He must've dozed off. He pulled his watch from his pocket to make sure he wasn't late. Only five minutes had passed. He was lucky, considering he'd stayed up far later the previous night than he was supposed to. He had gotten quite invested in one of his recent projects, a miniature diorama of his favorite tea shop. Working with small wire and balsa wood had put him in a deep concentration, and before he knew it, it was 3 am, and the kerosene lamp was running low.     He was used to running on a few hours of sleep. Night time was the only time he really had to himself, where he wasn't either working or tending to his family affairs. Usually he is pretty lucky, as a merchant, he traveled a lot, which left him ample time to doze off between stops. Though a risky behavior, more than a couple times he’s found himself missing his stop after being invested in a particular dream.


Symon is plagued with nightmares until he decides to investigate the Fossil Stone in the middle of the night. Not only does a familiar power rush through him, but we are sent into a flashback from before he was transformed.   Symon awakens on a train in Minau, remembering he was supposed to join his boss, Raja Panopio on an estate sale. The sale is for a famous entomologist known as Dr. Garrison Anderson who was believed to disappear off the coast of Nawala Island 7 years ago, and has been declared dead.   At the estate sale, Symon wanders off into the scientists office and stumbles across a fossil stone in the garbage, which he promptly feels a connection to and not so honestly decides to swipe for himself. This results in him being cursed, and over the next few days he grows sick, and has to be sent home after throwing up on the job.


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