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Village in the Trees

In his dreams, Symon found himself alone in darkness. He was deep underground, with mud and dirt crowded against his body, giving him barely enough clearance to move. Claustrophobia soon overcame him; the air in the cavern felt stale, hot, and suffocating. He had to get out. Through the aerated dirt he could feel the smallest cold air flow, so he started pushing himself in that direction, crawling slowly and clumsily, and clawing at the dirt to move it out of his way. He dug for what seemed like eternity until light began to leak through the small cracks in the dirt. Pushing away that last barrier between him and freedom, he pulled himself up from the hole.     What he found was not the surface, but just a large beam of light that poured down from a hole at the top of a much larger cavern. This beam of light perfectly illuminated a massive boulder. Its surface was decorated with the fossilized remains of a long extinct beetle and surrounding its form were runes engraved onto it in a language he didn’t know. The massive monument had an ominous aura that shook Symon, but he proceeded crawling forward. His body felt far too heavy to even stand up.   When he stepped into the light, he reached up an arm to touch it, only to find that what was supposed to be his arm was a large insectoid claw instead. He looked down in horror at the rest of his body, at his round belly and wiggling legs. He was not human, but a disgusting, lowly cicada nymph. But before he had time to panic, he felt a searing, tearing pain in his back, like something was about to burst out of his body.


Symon has a nightmare and wakes up in Dr. Leif's office, but the doctor seems to be missing. Aniso offers him some Beetle Stew, but Symon quickly loses his apatite when he learns of the ingredients.   Aniso then takes him to Papilo who believes he has an answer to Symon's issue and tells him about the Fossil Stones. Symon feels drawn to it an accidently activates his magic which has a catastrophic eruption of power.   Later, Aniso tries to get Symon to relax by helping him with his stiff, unpumped wings.


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