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A Strange Transformation

"This will sound ludicrous but…" he thought to himself. "Is it possible I have become sort of… insect?" Indeed, this body was alien to him, but he had no time to dwell on that. He had to figure out where he was, and what was going on.     He limped across the ground as he navigated through the jungle of grass blades and flowers. It was almost impossible to get a grasp of where he was from down here. Anything too far away became a blur, and the foliage was too dense to see ahead much. He had no choice but to blindly go forward until he found something of note. He was hyper vigilant of any sounds. The wind blew the grass around and made him paranoid. At this size, the chirping of birds and croaking of frogs were no longer a soothing sound of nature, but a warning of predators that would eat him without hesitation.     He yelped at the sound of skittering near him, and he gripped the stick tightly frantically watching the grass around him. Out of the swaying blade soon came a massive ant scuttling out into the open. At this scale it was almost the size of a dog. Symon lifted the stick like a weapon, his legs shaking from fear and pain, but the ant seemed uninterested in him. It simply watched him for a moment and wiggled its antenna before crossing to the other side of the grass. Symon let out a shaky sigh of relief as he collapsed back onto his makeshift cane. He was lucky it was just an ant. He still feared what other insects lurked just out of sight in the grass.


Symon Cantillo wakes up to find himself mysteriously transformed into a Miinu. While trying to wander on his own, he is attacked by a giant spider and is rescued by Aniso, who kills the spider and opts to take him to The Grotto to patch him up. There he is inspected by Dr. Leif, where Symon tries to explain his humanity to no avail.


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