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Dr. Leif

Dr. Phylip Leif

"Honestly the best medicine is rest, time, and a good cup of tea."
Dr. Leif is a leaf insect miinu who works as a physician and herbalist in the Grotto.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dr. Leif is a slender miinu with brown skin and short choppy hair that resembles autumn leaves and two tiny antennae that protrude from it. His skin is a woody brown with tall, dark eyes. His mandibles are hook-like in nature and sit near his mouth. He wears a small pair of glasses and a cloak and vest. The 'coat' that hangs down is actually part of his body; a vibrant orange frill that makes him appear as a walking leaf.

Physical quirks

He walks with a limp due to an injury he acquired as a young adult. He requires the use of a cane now.

Special abilities

He is skilled with using Spirit Magic to heal his fellow Miinu using potions and medicines he creates.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Phylip Leif comes from a long line of medical professionals, and was taught everything he knows by his parents, along side his twin brother, Pulchri. Both of them were expected to do great things when they were older, and Phylip had the potential to far surpass his lazier brother skill wise.   When he became an adult, he moved out to go find a place to start his own clinic. He and his brother went separate ways, his brother moving to the city to practice medicine there. Phylip considered also leaving for the city, as he'd make more money and find more success, but soon realized that villages were in desperate need for a doctor, and decided to stay and help them. He'd end up moving to The Grotto. He grew attached to the little community and grew to enjoy small town life.   At some point he himself got hurt when he was tasked with resuscitating a badly injured villager after an animal attack. The animal returned and attacked him, but he was able to scare the beast off. Both he and the villager survived, but it left him with a limp and needing the use of a cane when walking.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

He gets general fulfillment from helping the villagers, as for hobbies; he tends to like going out and exploring the forest and collecting samples from plants. He also enjoys tending to his personal garden.   He dislikes doing paperwork and isn't fond of the winder season, as miinu tend to get sick more often and there's less resources for him to harvest.  


Dr. Leif is a calm and introspective man. He's inquisitive and curious, enjoying learning everything he can about nature. When he's not working, he often find himself exploring the forest outside of the village, seeking out herbs and medicinal plants he can use for his practice. He is skilled with crafting medicine and elixirs, and is sole doctor in the entire village. This often leads to him being a little stressed and overworked, as the miinu in the village often need medical assistance daily, especially the ants.


Family Ties

Dr. Pulchri Leif is his twin brother who works in Treasure City, though they are very different people leading very different lives, they still keep in contact through letters regularly.


He tends to speak and act very calm and welcoming, especially to his patients. He does whatever he needs to make people comfortable, though has a tendency to speak in terms with big words that confuse some people
Bug Kin
Malaysian Giant Leaf Insect
Date of Birth
June 4th
Year of Birth
1889 CE 40 Years old
Meadow Willow Village
Current Residence
Dark Brown
Golden, Leaf-like
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Cherry Brown
Known Languages


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