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Treasure City

Treasure City Is a Miinish Stone Capital settlement near the city of Linabo , at the southern edge of the Bituin mainland. It surrounded the Fossil Stone of Manipulator modificaputis.  

Geography & Architecture

Treasure city is the second largest Miinu settlement next to the Precursor Village. It is located on a beach near Linabo that has been used as an illegal dumping ground, and is covered in trash and old furniture. The beach is dirty and litter covered, and piles of trash can reach several feet high.   Despite this, the access to excessive amounts of discarded human garbage has worked a bit in the favor of the Miinu living there, as they have recycled and reused a significant amount of the trash to build their cities. Cans and metal appliances make great foundations for buildings. Glass bottles have been melted down and used for windows and d├ęcor. Discarded clothes and sheets have been repurposed for Miinu fashion. They have even managed to build an electrical grid with some old wires and motors.


Treasure City is ran by the The FIre Ant Hive, a hive infamous for their corruption and violence. Where more hives are obligated to serve their people by providing food, building infrastructure, and protecting it's citizens; The Fire Ants horde food, leave the city in ruin, and will brutalized its citizens in the name of law and order. Despite the city appearing prosperous, these actions have left a large portion of the population poor and unhappy.


As stated before, the city is made up of garbage left behind by humans. Anything that can be used as a suitable building material is recycled and used in building projects. The city appears like a massive arts and crafts project of scrap, with nicer sections of the city like main street being painted bright colors to appear more welcoming. Sturdy human metal allows for the miinu to build large multi story buildings that are jam-packed with residents. Since a majority of Miinu can fly, these buildings will often have entrances off the ground that Miinu can fly to.   There are gravel roads that sprawl through the city, large enough to fit the toy cars that some of the wealthiest Miinu drive around. There is also a miniature train set that they use as a trolley system through town.


There are a few notable districts in the city. The first many miinu see for the first time is the Train Depot District, which is the part of town closest to a human train depot, where miinu from around the world can hitch a ride to arrive or leave the city. This part of town is sparse to avoid arousing suspicion from humans, but has basic amenities like a clinic, a motel, and a tunnel entrance into the main city.   The Tunnel District is a dangerous part of town, build inside the large piles rubbish and dirt, tunnels form a dark and claustrophobic part of town that sprawls in different directions like an ant hill. It's often where the poorest live, as it's not desirable property, and crime is rampant inside. It's not even that uncommon to find a body hidden in the depths of the district.   The Painted District is known as the shining jewel of the town. It is the open part of the city with the sprawling recycled architecture the city if famous for. It gets it's name due to the bright colors of the used packaging, old advertisements, and bright sparkling paint used to hid the grungier features of the city. This part of town is line with fairy lights that keep it bright all throughout the night, which is necessary as this part of town is known for it's night life.   The Fountain District is the finest location in the city, located in the center of town, inside a discarded concrete fountain lives with wealthiest of the city. Though broken when it first arrived, the FIre Ants made quick work of repairing its mechanism and allowing water to flow from the ornate statue above. The statue depicts a fairy with decorative wings who is pouring water from a pitcher. The water flows through newly formed aqueducts in the base, leaving the homes dry while able to appreciate the clean, flowing water.   Finally, The Hive District is a community garden near the fountain where the entrance to the Fire Ant Hive is. Few are allowed in this area without permission as people have been known to steal the fruits and produce from the garden. The Hive itself has a humble entrance that leads into a sprawling network of subterranean tunnels, many of which are made from porcelain and clay that the fire-wielding ants are able to easily bake.


Being at the southern edge of the continent, the beachy city tends to be warm year-round, only cooling off slightly during the winter, and experiencing very hot, humid summers. The region is also prone to flooding during the spring as heavy rains bring the coast closer to the city. The region is also prone to the occasional typhoon that can cause massive amounts of damage.

Natural Resources

The city is close to the ocean, so it's biggest economic asset is fishing. However the city is also in a unique position to trade human artifacts that other miinu settlements may not have the same access to.  


The Miinu of Treasure City much more closely resemble the capitalistic nature of it's surrounding human city. Money, assets, and power determine status, and its hard to climb up the ladder. People in Treasure City tend to be more vocal about their thoughts and opinions, for better or worse. The are honest, but blunt.   They are the most modernized when it comes to infrastructure, tech, and fashion, practically mirroring humans of the 1920s. Much of what they know from humans is through their advertisements, trash, and personal experience. Many people of the city see humans as something to admire and emulate, even if it means accidentally emulating their flaws.   Because of their corrupt government, a lot of residents live in poverty with no real sense of community to help them. Crime is a big issue in the city, especially organized crime like the Mothia. Many end up joining the mob in order to find the community and financial prosperity they are seeking.
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Trash City
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