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Linabo is a city at the southern edge of Bituin. Known for being a large and prosperous economic hub for the country to its warm weather and coastal imports.


The region is known for attracting wealthy businessmen and entertainers. It's considered the 'City of Stars' due to the sheer number of be names and new talent come from this city, or get their start there. The city tends to get flooded with travelers and tourists on a yearly basis and it's economy relies on this tourism to survive.

Industry & Trade

Linabo is known for is economic prosperity. It has become a hub for trade and entertainment. Its known to host one of the largest markets in the country, an annual event that no good business can afford to miss out on. It also makes a lot of money on the tourism business.


Linabo rests at the south western tip of the peninsula by the ocean and close to the river.


Linabo it warm nearly all year round, cooling off in the winters but leaving the summers hot and humid. Tends to get a lot of rain that results in flooding, and tropical storms are common.
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Bituin is a peninsula at the southern-most coast of Asis. While it has a rich history and culture, it is most known for the mysterious vanishing of thousands of people during the Europa invasion, taking much of its early culture and history with them. Immigrants and descendants of its people would resettle the area.  
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The central country in which the story takes place.

Alternative Name(s)
The City of Stars
Large city
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