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Minau is the capital of Bituin.


Minau is one of the oldest settlements in the Republic and was one of the first places people returned to after the mysterious disappearance of Bituin's people. Very few people who moved to the region were native to it, only the very few Paruparo tribes who had fled the region were able to return, and as a result much of their culture was being forgotten in favor of those of the far more abundant eastern settlers.   Because of it's age and history, many people believe that the city is haunted by those who vanished, as if their bodies were gone but their souls linger. Many people have stories of paranormal occurances, or claim to have witnessed fae creatures in the woods.


Known for its older, Spanish Colonial style buildings and stone buildings, which gives the city a cozy, elegant vibe. The tram system runs through the business district located near the bay, allowing for a lovely view of the river. The iconic Minau bridge connects the two parts of town.


Minau is known for is mountainous terrain and it's dense forests. The city is split by a large river that passes through the town. The steep mountains that the settlement rests on allows for a magnificent view of nearly the entire city.


Tends to be slightly colder than the majority of the country due to its proximity to the mountains, and cold air being swept in by the currents. While remaining relatively warm year round, for a month or so during the coldest part of the season, the tops of the mountain will accumulate snowfall.
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