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Enallagma civile

Aniso Pondskimmer

"Whenever I see a smile on someone's face I think yeah... I made an impact today. That's all I really want at the end of the day."

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Aniso has the physique of the average Miinu; four arms, clawed fingers and toes, facial mandibles, all of that. His damselfly features show in the form of four large, beautiful wings, and a segmented tail visually and anatomically similar to the abdomen of the real damselfly.   His skin is blue with dark markings that wrap around his limbs. He has short, fluffy white hair tied into a top knot, and large, cyan-colored compound eyes.


His clothes are handcrafted and made from a natural dark blue cloth. His tank top has a deep neck in the back that exposes his back and leaves space for his wings to be mobile. His shorts on the other hand, have to be tied around his tail using a rope belt.

Physical quirks

Real insects in the Odanta family can't walk, as such, Aniso has weak legs that hurt if he walks too much. He prefers flying most of the time.

Special abilities

Like most odonates of his kind, he is known for his speed and perfect control when flying, and can reach speeds of 60 mph. He has powerful eye sight and can process visual information far faster than a human, as if he can see in slow motion. These skills combined make him one of the best hunters in his village, much to the envy certain other villagers.

Specialized Equipment

Aniso carries around a stone hook tied to his waist by fishing line, that he uses as a hunting and defense weapon. He will often through this hook at enemies and drag them back towards him. This is a technique he learned from his father.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aniso as a Nymph
Aniso was born a feral Miinu, meaning his egg was laid by a normal damselfly in the wild, but the power of the nearby Fossil Stone's turned him into a Miinu. He was born amongst dozens of siblings who were not born with the same gift as him, inside of a bird bath that had been long abandoned.   Aniso lived a pretty lonely childhood as a nymph,
unable to communicate with his non-magical siblings who he treated more like pets than family. They were all able to survive a few months on their own with the larvae of other creatures in the water, but food quickly ran out in the small, stagnant pool, and the starving Aniso was forced to cannibalize his siblings, until not even they could feed him. What's worse was the heat of summer was beginning to dry up what little water was left after the spring rains slowed down.   Starving and running out of space to live, it was by some miracle that Aniso was found by Fours, a wandering ant scout from a near by village. Fours gathered her team to carefully, but swiftly transport Aniso from the bird bath to a large pond near The Grotto. There Aniso was finally able to eat and recover.   He was eventually spotted by a fisherman named Corrix, a water boatman that lived alone out on the lake in a cabin by the dock. The young nymph was water-bound with no one to take him in, and the Corrix found himself becoming the lad's guardian, teaching him the basics of living in a miinu society along the way.   When Aniso was 13, he hit puberty and started the metamorphosis process into and adult Damselfly with lungs and wings. With the freedom to finally explore the land and skies, he developed bonds with the other miinu in the grotto by doing favors for them, especially so for an ant he named Fours, as thanks for saving his life as a child. This caused him be well liked in his community, with a reputation for being always open to help others around him.


When Aniso was a nymph, he was unable to leave the water, which meant he had to be homeschooled primarily by his adopted father Corrix. Corrix was the survivalist type, and preferred to teach Aniso how to hunt and cook for himself, and avoid the many ways a miinu could meet their demise out in nature. Aniso was a little behind his peers by the time he made his way to land, but still preferred to learn new things by experience.


When the other villagers met Aniso post metamorphosis, they were impressed by his adeptness at flying at such a young age, and would often ask him to do basic tasks and favors for them, which he happily accepted, as it meant interacting with other people. Over time he would start getting payed for these errands, making it sort of his unofficial job.   Eventually, he took on the job of the mail carrier in the village due to his speed.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Aniso enjoys the outdoors and flying through the trees, with the wind blowing against his face and hair. He also enjoys relaxing and socializing with others. He loves to eat and hunt as well.   He dislikes unnecessary chaos and conflict, or being put in situations where he doesn't feel like he's in control. He also hates selfish and greedy people, believing that they do nothing but hold others around them back.  


"I can run an deliver that for you, it's no big deal. I have plenty of timy I can just squeeze it between buying supplies for my dad and flying to the Bee hive to pick up a shipment of honey.
  Aniso is a friendly and optimistic person that's always ready to lend a helping hand. He is a free spirit who enjoys flying around the forest and above the trees. He's a people pleaser and will often do whatever makes him feel the most useful around the village, even things outside of his job description. This often leads to a tendency to overwork himself. He often has a hard time setting boundaries, and often gives way too much of himself to helping others while ignoring his own issues.   Despite his love for exploring the woods, he gets paranoid if he strays too far from it, only going far enough to be able to make it back before dark. He's afraid of being alone and away from the village for too long and easily gets lonely.


Family Ties

Though he doesn't have any biological family, he is close to his adopted father Puncta. He also treats Fours as a mother figure.


Aniso is usually a very relaxed person with a positive demeanor and and tends to be pretty open about his feelings. He is a bit of a space cadet, getting lost in his head often and day dreaming. If he's ever anxious about something, it's very obvious by his antsy fidgeting.


Symon Cantillo


Towards Aniso




Towards Symon Cantillo



Aniso encounter Symon passed out an injured soon after he was transformed into a Miinu by the Rune Curse. Being someone that's always out to help stray and feral miinu, he carried Symon back to his home and patched him up. While he was recovering, Aniso taught him everything he needed to know about miinu civilization.   Eventually Symon confessed to Aniso that he was a human, which Aniso laughed off at first before Symon insisted and gave proof by showing off his knowledge of the human world. When Symon learned of the potential to turn back to human by returning the fossil stone, he begged Aniso to help him on the journey. Aniso was obviously hesitant, but he had grown soft for the little cicada man, and didn't want him to get hurt on his own out there., and finally agreed.  

Relationship Dynamic
Aniso is one of the rare people who never judges Symon's eccentricities or odd behavior, perhaps cause they just don't come off as odd to him. He's very supportive of Symon's needs and is easily worried about him whenever something happens. Symon deeply appreciates this, as it's something he's sorely missed from friends and family in his human life. As a result, Symon wants to do the best he can to improve himself so Aniso can be proud of him.   They both share in having significant childhood trauma and have formed a bond around helping each other cope with those burdens. Symon's wanderlust encourages Aniso to step out of his comfort zone, and Aniso's openness allows Symon to confront his own emotions.



Towards Aniso




Towards Ves



When Ves first met Aniso, it was after he had inadvertently destroyed her home. Promising to make it up to her, he tried to find her a place in the Grotto for her, and stood up for her when she was accused of kidnapping and eating Miinu. Aniso showed her kindness few have before, allowing her to open up to him more.   She agreed to help him and Symon return the Fossil Stone because she had begun to care about them and realized if no one who could fight came with them, they would die

Relationship Reasoning

Ves was ultimately won over by Aniso's kind and compassionate attitude, one that was rare where she came from. Aniso will talk to her and include her in activities, even when she tries to distance herself, which ultimately helps her come out of her shell more.



Towards Aniso




Towards Corrix



Corrix adopted Aniso when he was just a little baby, and raised him in the pond by the The Grotto. He taught Ansio everything he knows about fishing, hunting, and foraging. His father was big in the idea that Aniso be prepared for the world, knowing full well the little damselfly boy would grow up to leave the water.

Relationship Reasoning

Corrix has always been supportive of Ansio exploring his identity and seeing the world. He deeply cares for the boy, even if he doesn't always make it obvious.   Aniso will forever be grateful to his father for taking him in all those years ago, and has developed a close bond with him. Aniso often sees a side of Corrix that no one else in town sees and as a result is one of the few people to truly understand him.

Bug kin
Common Blue Damselfly
Year of Birth
1909 CE 20 Years old
Parents (Adopting)
Cyan (Compound)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Blue, Striped
Known Languages



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