Prospero 'Papillo' Mineque

"There is no controlling the stone, there's only listening and persuading the stone. It is a companion, not a tool."
Papillo is an elderly butterfly that is the Stone Keeper of The Grotto and the self titled 'Mayor'.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Papillo appears as an elderly grey miinu with a thin, haggard body and a bald head. From his face hangs long white beard that obscures his mouth and chin. He has curly butterfly antennae and a set of patchy. black and white wings which have grown faded and limp over the years. He often dresses in robes that are easy and comfortable to where. He wears a set of prayer beads around his neck.

Physical quirks

In his old age, Papilo has difficulty walking, flying, and moving around, but it doesn't stop him from trying.

Special abilities

While he has no magical abilities of his own, he's extremely knowledgeable of Spirit Magic and is one of the few trusted to use the Fossil Stone.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

To everyone else in the Grotto, Papillo is the elderly mayor of the grotto that has been there for as long as they can remember. But for the eldest of the villagers, they know Papillo showed up to the village a long time ago, as a lost and confused young Miinu.   Papillo was born a human by the name of Prospero Mineque who married a lovely woman named Elainia. The two would move out into the woods so they could build their dream cabin out there. That cabin would be the birthplace of their son, Valentino. One day he'd be working in the garden when he'd stumble upon the Grotto and the Miinu village inside. He didn't know what to make of it at first, so he attempted to remove the rock from it's place, only to become cursed. He'd turn into a miinu and for a few years had lost all the memories of his former life.   As a miinu, he'd use the fossil stone to regain his memories and he'd study the stone's magic to figure out to return to humanity. However, he'd learn the dark truth about what he'd have to sacrifice to go back to normal, so he opted to stay in the village and become the stone keeper; a knowledgeable person who can use and understand fossil stone magic.   Over the years he'd still keep an eye on his family, and Elainia would build little houses for the 'fae' that watched over them. He would do this until the day she'd pass away.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Papillo likes nothing more to have a nice cup of tea and play a board game with old friends.  


Papillo is a wise old man but tends to very odd and quirky. He will often speak and behave in manners that would describe a senile, weird old man, but he's actually sharper than he seems. As a Stone Keeper, he is a spiritual person and has a connection with the spirits inside the fossil stone. He's mastered the magic within and is an expert on the subject.   Despite being a little silly and unpredictable, he can read a room and be serious when he needs to be. He can also give quite a bit of valid advice and wisdom.


Family Ties

Papillo loved his family more than anything, and even though he is living a happy life as a Miinu, it was dreadfully lonely watching them from afar. After regaining his memories, there was not a single day he wasn't watching out for his human family, acting as a guardian angel for his family in a way. His first heartbreak was learning that his son had died in the war. The second, was watching his wife pass away alone in their dream home they built together.
Bug Kin
Marbled White Butterfly
Date of Birth
November 30th
Year of Birth
1843 CE 86 Years old
Current Residence
Dark and squinty.
White (Beard)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Grey Skin
Known Languages
English, Miinuvian


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