Beetle Stew

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Beetle Stew, or the variant Beetle-berry stew is a common dish among the Miinu. It is a very easy dish to make with easily accessible ingredients. It's common to put this dish in a bowl with a lid, and then wrap it up with leaves or cloth to keep it insulated. This is so a miinu can take their food with them if they have to travel somewhere.   It's the kind of meal that is always nice to come home to, or to open up while taking a break from work.  



  • Insect Meat - The specific kinds doesn't matter, though commonly it's beetle meat, as the name suggests. Using Miinu meat is not recommended.
  • Honeydew - Honeydew is secreted from aphids, you can easily purchase this from Ant Miinu who farm aphids.
  • Lettuce - Wild lettuce can be forged from all over, or easily bought from merchants.
  • Onion - Like Lettuce, wild onion can be forged or purchased.
  • Salt - Since salt grains are large, you'll want to grind some in a mortar and pestle before proceeding.
  • Berry (Optional) - Small chunks of any fruit of your choice should work.


  First, turn to your insect and crack open it's exoskeleton to remove the meat. Chop up the meat into small chunks and throw them on a pan. Fry the meat until it turns a nice deep orange. Don't worry if it's still a little yellow on the inside. Take your onion, dice it and fry them as well.   Next, take a pot and fill it a 3rd the way with honeydew and then add water till it it's about half full. Set it on a cooker to boil and afterwards put the meat and onions in. As they simmer, take this time to cut your lettuce and put it in the pot as well. If you are using berries, use this as well at this time.   After about 30 minutes, take the food off the cooker, and throw in a pinch of ground salt.   After this point it's ready to serve in a bowl. Keep it wrapped up so it stays warmer longer.  


  Beetle stew has a pleasant mix of sweet and salty flavors. Insect meat tends to taste nutty, while honeydew has a very maple sap taste. The choice of ingredients can change from person to person, which can greatly effect the overall dish.   While not the most extravagant dish, it's simple nature is enough to remind one of the comforts of home. It is the favored dish of Aniso .
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Raw materials & Components

- Beetle Meat

- Honeydew

- Lettuce

- Onion

- Fruit

- Salt

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Author's Notes

This was originally in the world Smallscale and was written for the food challenge of October 2018, but has since been moved here.

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