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The Metamorphosis

The mother gasped in offense, but Symon had no energy to care. No, instead, his head felt like it was going to explode. He gripped his head and yelled out as it felt like something was burrowing into his skull. The pain was enough to bring tears to his eyes, and his body felt so hot.     He could hear the woman saying something to him, but the rushing of his own blood in his ears made it impossible to hear. He was grinding his teeth so hard his jaw ached. He excused himself and rushed into the bathroom in the back. He turned on the light only briefly, as its flash banged his eyes and burned. He allowed the room to stay dark as he blindly stumbled to the sink and retched.     He heard the tiny clink of something hard hitting the sink and warm fluid dripping from his mouth. He opened his eyes and saw a tooth, his tooth, sitting in a small pool of blood. His eyes shot up to the mirror to check his mouth. His gums were swollen and bleeding out of nowhere. He also noticed blood trickling from his forehead. He felt his hair brush up against something that shot uncomfortable sensations down into the back of his neck, As he brushed his hair away he looked on in horror at two long, thick hair like growths that formed out of the welts on his head. They were extremely sensitive, and he jumped a little when he saw them twitch and move like they were alive.     They were insect antennae.


Symon grows sicker by the day, and begins to notice strange bodily transformations and cravings. Still, he is eventually asked to come back to work, where his illness makes working difficult. After losing his temper with a particularly rude customer, he is wracked with pain and rushes to the bathroom, only to realize his strange changes are becoming more grotesque and insect-like.


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