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Look Who's Inside Again

His first taste of fresh air after a month was amazing. Cool night air invigorated him to keep going, and under the cover of darkness, he’d be safe from being spotted. He’d come to find that being an insect was useful for his escape. His legs clung to the side of the wall with ease, allowing a slow descent downwards. Even when he slipped near the end and fell, his hard shell simply bounced off of the ground. He was able to easily reorient himself and continue on his journey.     As he crawled through the back garden, he caught a whiff of something sweet and tasty. It was coming from the tree. No it was the tree. His stomach roared, demanding sustenance. His instincts took over and he found himself crawling onto the tree and digging his proboscis into the bark of the tree. He hit a vein of tree sap which he began happily drinking. I felt like he could let out a breath of relief. He was finally in his element.     But then, a shriek from the house. Symon didn’t even have to look behind him to see it, his eyes had nearly 180 degree vision. His sister was gawking at him from the back patio of the house in terror.     “He’s escaped! Mother, he's escaped!” She cried out.


Symon recalls a moment in his childhood where his parents responded cruelly to a behavior he couldn't control and relates it to sitting in his room. He notes that his family had been avoiding him ever since his body started changing. After multiple doctors visits and attempts to cure him with no improvement, his family starts to ignore him and neglect him. His father also becomes violent upon seeing him.   Eventually, Symon fully transforms into an insect and begins to starve in his room, so he attempts to escape the house, but in doing so, he's shot at by his father with a gun, explaining his wound on his back. Symon limps away into the forest, dying. He eventually molts his skin, presumably becoming a Miinu before passing out.


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