Professor Melano

Professor Garrison Anderson (a.k.a. Melano)

"These creatures don't realize they are cursed by their own magic. I'm obligated to free them from their own wretched bodies and return them to humanity."
  Professor Melano is an amnesiac fly Miinu and inventor living outside of Treasure City.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Melano appears as a pint-sized Miinu with stubby legs and a fat head. He has burnt orange skin with short, wavy, brown hair with small antennae poking out of the top. He is a fruit fly with very large red eyes, scraggly wings and a hairy abdomen.  


He often wears a simple outfit with a dirty work apron and a tattered jacket. His head is often adorned with goggles resembling compound eyes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He was born a human named Garrison Anderson. The man was fascinated with insects since he was a boy and would make it his life's career to study and write about them. After graduating from university, he would publish his first book on insects of Bituin in his 20's. Afterwards, he'd travel around the world to study insects globally. During one of his expeditions, he caught a brief glimpse of a miinu out of disguise, and since then obsessed over confirming they were real.   He managed to track all his sightings to once source, Nawala Island, just off the coast of Bituin. In his final expedition he traveled there and camped out in the jungle for a few years. During this time, he'd encounter a lost miinu who he'd save from drowning in his water tank. He'd name her Corona, and keep her in a safe enclosure and feed her in exchange for being able to study her. It's through this connection he made that he was able to track down the Miinu Precursor Village, where he was immediately attacked. He started using bee gas on the village from then on so he could study the ruins in peace whenever he visited.   During one of these trips, he made the crucial mistake of taking their Fossil Stone from it's pedestal and to his home to study it. Very quickly, he fell ill from the effects of it's curse, and decided to head back to the mainland for medical treatment. However, he'd succumb to the curses effects before he'd make it back, and he, Corona, and the stone became lost to sea.   After washing ashore on the mainland near Treasure City, he'd lost a huge chunk of his memory and wander into town dazed and confused. He'd be helped by a few of the residents, who gave him the name 'Melano' when he couldn't remember his own. Put off by the Miinu's mannerisms and disgusted by his own body, he isolated himself far outside of town. He'd occasionally build things on commission but otherwise preferred being alone. He wouldn't regain his memories until Symon Cantillo helped him unlock them years later.


He got a formal education where he was considered a gifted student and after he graduated, he attended Minau University of Science and Agriculture, getting a doctorate in Entomology. He also has a lesser degrees in engineering, biology, and environmental studies.


He worked as an entomologist for many years, where he studied countless insects from all over the world, and wrote a few books. After his curse however he lost everything, becoming a lowly hermit in the dump that 'reinvents' things he's used to having in his old life at micro-scale and made of trash. Not exactly where he wanted his life to end up.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Melano used to really enjoy insects and find them fascinating. He used to enjoy, watching them, studying them, and reading every book he could find on them. However after turning into one, it traumatized him to the point of not being able to look at them the same way again.


Melano is an exceptionally intelligent, but incredibly antisocial man. He is introverted, often preferring to spend time working and studying alone. He is a perfectionist about his work, and feels that other people just get in the way and mess things up. He is overly ambitious, getting himself in over his head with his projects.   Because he doesn't interact with others often, he often forms unsavory opinions about those around him. Since becoming a Miinu, this negativity has gotten worse, also effecting his self esteem. He finds his fly form disguising and goes from admiring Miinu, to believing they are abominations.

Miinu Info

Fruit Fly
Date of Birth
November 5th
Year of Birth
1882 CE 47 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Known Languages
English, Tagalog, Miinuvian

Human Info (Formerly)

Golden Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
182cm (6' ft)



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