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Isaac Reyes

Son of the 1st Isaac Javier Reyes

Isaac was born the second child of the the newly minted Head of Research of the Labratory for the Study of Astramechanical Devices, Gabriel Reyes, and the first term New Amsterdam State Senator Maria Reyes. The first son, Hector Reyes, was 2 years old at the time but welcomed his little brother with open arms. For the first 9 years of his life, Isaac was a normal, happy go lucky kid with two exasperated parents and an older brother he idolized. Isaac was like Hector's second shadow. Even if their jobs were stressful and kept them away, the family was content.   After Hector reached the age of 11, after a secret conversation with Gabriel, he began to pull away from Isaac. For two confusing years, Isaac struggled to find his equilibrium as his favorite family member stopped smiling at him and chasing him away. His sense of the world was toppled further as his brother was sent away to a boarding school for the cream of the crop: "Field's Academy for the Gifted and Willing". No matter how much he looked into it online, Isaac could find nothing about it. Every time he came back from the school, he looked tired, sunburnt, and with new unexplained scars. Isaac never got to know what happened at the school but he begged his father each time not to send his brother back. Hector promised to explain more when he was older.   When Isaac turned 12, He and Hector took a walk for old time's sake. Hector was more like his old self, joking and laughing, though still slipping past Isaac's questions. After wandering the forest trails for hours, the sun began to set. Hector started to push for them to go home when something rushed out of the undergrowth. Hector shoved Isaac down and dove on top of him for protection. Though he never saw what happened, he felt the breath of something hot and moist on his cheek before something got past Hector's arms and clawed him. Isaac remembered hearing the sound of nails on a chalkboard and more guttural roars before hector got Isaac up and told him to run. He last saw his older brother over a hill after the creature as he ran as fast as he could.   The Police were alerted to a bleeding child coming out of the South Peak Bike trail and followed his blood trail to his brother's body, which had been placed in the middle of the road, a pitch-black Humanoid with massive bigger claws standing nearby until the police officers pointed their flashlights at it. It vanished in full view of 7 officers. The official cause of death was deemed an animal attack. Isaac swore up and down in his testimony it was something much bigger than any animal in the area, but they just took it as grief-induced hallucinations.   After the funeral, he shut down. He refused to go to school, to see friends, or to even go outside if he could help. Finally, after school was let out, Gabriel made a deal with Isaac. They would make a list of new hobbies or skills and see what sparked his interest. After that, he'd go to a teacher for that skill. Every week was a new teacher, a new adventure. After that summer, Isaac started to come back to his old self, though still tinged by his brother's passing.   Gabriel was happy to see that the summer of distraction succeeded in taking Isaac's mind off his brother, channeling his grief into curiosity. During the next school year, his grades shot up started socializing again. There was a minor incident with a fight, but nothing that couldn't be handled with diplomacy. Every summer was a new list, with a few returning favorites until Isaac had a completely booked summer filled with his favorite skills from over the years.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Young, lanky, and wiry.

Facial Features

Has a scar on his right cheek that stretches from the apple of the cheek to the ear. the ear still bears the claw mark even after 6 years of healing and an operation. The scar remains purple and sensitive to the touch.

Special abilities

Isaac has the potential to be a Bladestorm in the future, but is more likely than not be stuck with the Traveler skillset.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Cis Male (He/him).


Straight. as a ruler, but he's never really explored it.


Isaac has completed the majority of the education he's been placed in. He's completed elementary, middle and is one year off from completing high school and entering college. Generally, he's an A or B student, except during 6th grade when he lost interested in everything he used   His father got him into many strange camps to find him something new. Isaac understood why his father wanted him to try them all out, but he was happy that he found a lot of new interests by the end of the summers.   Total List of learned Skills
  • Acrobatics
  • Blacksmithing
  • Boxing
  • Eskrima Stickfighting
  • Fencing
  • Lock picking
  • Knife Throwing
  • Parkour
  • Programming
  • Stone Carving
  • Whittling
  • Employment

    Starting at age 16, Isaac has been working at the AMC Movie theater for money and the employee discount.

    Mental Trauma

    He carries survivor's guilt from the night his brother saved him from something

    Morality & Philosophy

    Isaac has a very "Que Sera Sera" Mode of operation. He rarely gets upset or overly emotionally at a problem, as he has learned that never got him what he's wanted. he still gets annoyed at injustice, but those instances are rare.

    Personality Characteristics


    Isaac's biggest drive is to find his passion, as he feels adrift. After his Brother died protecting him, he's flitted from hobby to hobby, still seeking his

    Savvies & Ineptitudes

  • Minmaxing rule systems, especially rpgs
  • The Best worker at his Job
  • Studying
  •   Ineptitudes:
  • Flirting
  • Human socializing
  • Flirting
  • Dancing
  • Likes & Dislikes

    Favorite Food: Eel Rolls   Favorite Music Genre: Folk   Favorite Color: Teal   Favorite smell: Petrichor   Favorite Rpg: Bridges and Basilisks   Least Favorite Food: The Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwichs at the Labratory   Least favorite color: Burgandy

    Virtues & Personality perks

    Pragmatic: Much like his philosophy, Isaac can weigh pros and cons pretty well to get what he wants   Tactical minded: When he makes the effort to Plan, he can create complex plans with contigenices. Mostly used them

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Anxious: After a particularly brutal beating when he was 13, Isaac began to jump at shadows. He keeps his friend circle small and close.   Reluctant to action: He tries not to get involved with people's drama.   Sour Disposition: He has a terminal case of Resting Bitch Face and tends to snark to keep people at a distance.   Unmotivated: Tries to do as little as possible. he's a master at Malicious compliance.


    Family Ties


    Isaac Reyes


    Towards Gabriel Reyes



    Gabriel Reyes


    Towards Isaac Reyes



    Theodora Patel

    New acquaintance

    Towards Isaac Reyes


    Isaac Reyes

    New acquaintance

    Towards Theodora Patel


    Isaac Reyes

    Younger Brother (Vital)

    Towards Hector Reyes



    Hector Reyes

    Older Brother (Vital)

    Towards Isaac Reyes



    Nicknames & Petnames

    Isaac was called Ike by Hector because he felt the name was just too long. in a similar manner, Hector became "Tor" to toddler Isaac.

    Giles Indigo

    Best Friend

    Towards Isaac Reyes


    Isaac Reyes

    Best Friend

    Towards Giles Indigo


    Wealth & Financial state

    Isaac's Family is upper middle class, with his mother a State Senator, and his father is the Chief Director of the Labratory in Colechester.
    Chaotic Good
    Current Location
    Date of Birth
    23 of October
    Year of Birth
    Hector Reyes (Older Brother)
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    6' 1''
    180 lbs
    Known Languages
    Native Level English and Spanish

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    Cover image: Kinémax Futurscope by Denis Laming


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