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Colechester is a classical smalltown Americana nestled in the Northwest of Ithaca, New York. It was founded in 1928, by Miriam Colechester, who sought to create an entire town based on Futurist ideas that she encountered when she was abroad in Italy. Once she sent out advertisements, many artists, scholars, and others from the city flocked to the area and began creating a town with the aesthetics of both futurism and the upcoming Art-Deco with such strong Humanist roots, they ensured the town would remove as much prejudice from the new town, they saw it as a new starting point for the country, pulling away from it's uglier roots.


Total Populace: 10,849*
By Age
Age 0-14 15-24 24-59 60-100 100+
% of Pop. 10 23 35 28 4
By Race
Race White Latin Black Asian Mixed
% of Pop. 38 30 21 8 3%
By Class
Class Destitute Poor Middle Class Rich
% of Pop. 4 18 70 8
*= as of the 2010 Census.


The government of Colechester is led by a council of 7, elected every 4 years. Often exerting minimal control, they leave the governing to the experts in the departments under them. The only time they step in is when the two departs refuse to work with each other.

Industry & Trade

The vast majority of the town commutes to the larger city of Ithaca, but many of the high schoolers work at local stores to make money.


    Over the years, several stores and other services have joined the town, all making their buildings in the iconic style of the town.
  • 1x Applebees
  • 1x Aldie's
  • 1x AMC Movie Theater
  • 1x Bj's
  • 1x Barb
  • 2x Barbershops
  • 1x Candy Shop
  • 1x Chase Bank
  • 1x Chillies
  • 2x Churches
  • 1x Dominos pizza
  • 1x Dunkin Donuts
  • 2x Elementary School
  • 4x Gas station
  • 1x Goodwill
  • 1x High School.
  • 2x McDonald's
  • 1x Middle School
  • 3x Mechanics
  • 1x Research Lab
  • 1x Observatory (abandoned)
  • 1x Panera Bread
  • 2x Post Office
  • 1x Police Station
  • 1x Power Station
  • 1x Reservoir
  • 2x Wendy's

Guilds and Factions

The Research lab often conflicts with the Colechester Council over funding, as the Council wants to keep the majority of the budget for the School system. The research lab, while subsidized by the federal government, doesn't get enough from the government to break even.


Much of the old town was crafted in the Art Deco tradition. even after the movement ended, every new development kept the style, leading to a unique style for the entire town, no matter when it was made.
Location under
Owning Organization

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Cover image: Kinémax Futurscope by Denis Laming


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