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Giles Indigo

Giles Xanadu Indigo

Giles Indigo was adopted by two Hippies who had waited to have kids and ended up missing the window. They gave him plenty of space to find himself, and never put labels on anything he did or wanted to be. However, just before he started school they did however push respect for nature and how humans used machines to destroy the planet. Shortly after that talk, he began to tinker with machines. He told his parents that the machines weren't at fault for what people made them do, and he wanted to make them do better.   Since it kept him out of trouble, and his mind open to the world around him, his parents got him textbooks on mechanics and science and gave him an allowance for his projects. He even won his first science fair. The next year, however, he got second place to his next-door neighbor Hector Reyes beat him with an equally impressive entry. The two began to have a fierce rivalry that slowly became a strong friendship. Giles also got to know Hector's younger brother Isaac, who mostly just watched the two older boys make some new contraptions while he sat silently. Giles and Hector made to include him in the process and soon he was the perfect assistant and occasional partner when the two were making things.   As the years passed, Hector left before Middle school for boarding school. He stopped coming around even when he was back from wherever he left, and he was always snippy and curt when he did see his best friend. Giles knew he was suffering, but couldn't help When he died saving his younger brother, Giles was devastated and confused at the same time. His best friend dead, the victim's younger brother scarred across the face and no explanation for any of it. Rather than dwell, he chose to make sure Isaac didn't take shit from the other kids for the scarring or details about the attack. He often got his other friends to take Isaac out for something small, like ice cream or the beach if others were going; anything to cheer him up. He likes to think that his scheming, as well as Isaac's slate of teachers, got him back to his old self.   Since he's left high school he's not on there, but He knows his 'brother' could handle it.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong, Dense and Healthy

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





Giles has finished K-12 and goes to night class for Mechanical engineering at the nearby Community College.


He's been working at the Mechanic's since he graduated highschool.

Accomplishments & Achievements

After Hector's death, Giles made sure to keep Isaac close and comfortable. He refused to abandon his friend when he needed him most. He didn't push too hard and was ignored for months, but He made sure to be there and to defend Isaac when he couldn't defend himself. He got into a lot of fights for Isaac's sake for that goal.

Morality & Philosophy

Systems, not people. Giles believes that Humans are like a liquid, they fill the roles society makes them conform to. He often rails against society like his parents, but he has a more big picture view of changes. he also believes in keeping the balance between nature and society.


Giles Indigo

Best Friend

Towards Isaac Reyes


Isaac Reyes

Best Friend

Towards Giles Indigo


Giles Indigo

Best Freind (Vital)

Towards Hector Reyes



Hector Reyes

Dead Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Giles Indigo



Current Location
Date of Birth
December 3rd
Year of Birth
Short Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
195 lbs

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Cover image: Kinémax Futurscope by Denis Laming


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