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Ask yourself, what's the weakest part of a sword? The hilt? The guard? No, the true weakness lies with its wielder. - Gabriel Reyes
  The Bladestorm is one of the rarer classes that MU's magic system offers. Few people have a mixture of agility, mental acuity and focus to excel in the class and the training to get there can be hellish. But once has been confirmed into the class, few can handle them in a fight.     A bladestorm's true power resides in their minds. While they can use the more general applications of Telekinesis and Telepathy, a bladestorm utilizes their power to command swarms of metal shards, complete weapons, or some even craft weapons of pure force to use their powers. Just as each person is different, so is their expressions of power. The various subclasses are listed below.         Base: While the newest member of the class hasn't had time to experiment with how they want to progress, they are still capable combatants       The Fractured Edge: These Bladestorms wield smaller weapons or even shards of metal, to shred enemies, as well as being more acrobatic than the rest of the class, using telekinesis to loosen the bonds of gravity.
    Soul Knives: This subclass uses raw psionic prowess to create and wield numerous weapons of pure force. They're known to pierce almost any defense, able to strike flesh through the densest armor. They make excellent assassins.
Okan by Johnathon Chong
    Bonded: These are Bladestorms who instead of shaping whatever tools they need at that moment, they have a specific form they only use. they are hyper-specialized trading out the inherent flexibility of the class for exceptional growth in one area. The bonded are able of having their chosen expressions consume magic items or even artifacts to add to their abilities.
The Duelist by Josh Corpuz



To qualify, one must have at least some experience in gymnastics, and mentally resilient enough to handle the pain of using psionic energy.

Career Progression


Payment & Reimbursement

Payment is similar for most of the combat classes, and that's receiving money from monster drops and quest rewards.



The Class focused on both close and mid-range damage dealing when dealing with monsters or Corrupted, keeping enemies pinned down from afar and upclose, keeping up the pressure until the enemy succumbs.

Social Status

The Bladestorm is a moderately rare class and the few who are known to possess it are neither liked or disliked. With the class system being so new, this will change with time to acclimate to the new world.



Each bladestorm generally carry metal in any number of shapes. Ball bearings make instant projectiles in a pinch, caltrops for escapes, arrows for climbing holds. but beyond that, no other object is truly needed to complete their tasks.


Weapons, backpack, food, water, odds and ends, potions.

Provided Services

Dungeon Delving, Monster hunting, Scouting.

Dangers & Hazards

Using too much power without being ready for it will lead to the brain popping like a squeezed grape. The mind is a muscle and must be trained safely and slowly, lest the backlash cause brain damage, or amnesia.
In adventuring parties, this class is very much desired, but not required as a Fighter could fill their role.
Famous in the Field
Other Associated professions
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