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Travelers are one of the stranger classes one can be placed in. Making up less than 4% of the population, they are often misunderstood, as they don't seem to fit with the rest of the classes. While the users of the classes don't know, but that is the point. Mu crafted The Traveler's purpose is to leave their old world behind and travel the multiverse to seek aid from the gods of the other realms. they don't gain subclasses or any skills beyond the first level. In fact, it is impossible for one of this class to raise their level on the 10,000th. In return for this burden, the traveler instead gains the ability to adapt the various magic systems they encounter on their travels to their use. The system they have allows them to catalog them and the call upon despite being far away from the original world the system was meant for it. With time, they may learn to mix and merge the various power sets they may gain.     Travelers have Three powers at level 1. The first is to Anchor themselves. This allows them to set an arcane mark on something or someone so that they can return to a world that they have made bonds with. Their second ability, to Jump. Without an anchor, this ability simply scans the 10,000 worlds and selects one at random. The Traveler is unable to determine where they go unless they select a mark they have already made. Their 3rd power, Copy, Allows them to copy magical effects being used near them.



One must be either extremely solitary or simply unlucky to be chosen as part of this class. this usually comes with

Career Progression

Classless → Traveler. the class never continues on, as with 9,999 different possible powersets, the system that MU set up would be incapable of collating all of them.

Other Benefits

The first is Biological Immortality. While the Corrupted are a major threat, It may take decades, even centuries to eradicate the plague of corruption.   The second is complete Disease Immunity, as any Traveler will not be prepared to deal with a completely new biosphere with each transition. This saves both the world they land on and the Traveler from new plagues being introduced with each Jump.   Finally a gift of Universal Communication. Travelers are capable of communicating with with any other sapient being, with the magic aura that gives them their powers is capable of translating their speech.



Every Traveler has a Cloak, that changes with them to reflect their journey through the cosmos. It keeps them comfortable in nearly any environment and also grants a passive shield of Kinetic energy that keeps them safe in falls. it gains more functionality the more an ability is needed.
Alternative Names
Exiles, Dandelions
Famous in the Field

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