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The Harvest

They think we are fools to hide here in the shallows of what remains of the Great Hollow. Below is a crumbled ruin of what once was, but above is a travesty.   Our Empress, the Allmother Nolno Vengassi herself, basks in her vain gloriousness under the light of the moons and the stars, where the Blood of the Earth now scars the very sky.  
We remember the Hollow Earth, our home
We remember the Collapse, the Shism, the wars of Blood and Stone
We remember the Gift of the First Mother

But first, we remember the Harvest

We remember the Blood of the Earth
We remember the Blood of our Kin

First, we remember the Harvest
Covenant of the Shadow Queen
  The Allmother makes alliances with the cowards who brought this ruin upon us. Those that hid while our home collapsed and we were forced to flee to the shallows.   They think we of the Covenant are fools, but we remember what befalls those who cavort heedlessly under the open skies. The endless void above is where the Elder Gods came, those who seeded us. Long before the Schism and the Bloodstone Wars. Long before the Emancipation, when the First Mother of the Elderkin stole the Blood Magic.   Before that great freedom was the Harvest. Where our kin served to satiate the terrible hunger of the Gods. So many lost before we even knew how to feel the pulse of the earth.   And before the Harvest there was the Seeding. This is what our vainglorious Allmother has forgotten. So long ago, the first seeding of the surface world. When our ancestors first looked up in terrible wonder at the sky and cavorted there, headless and foolish. That is what brought down the Harvest.   And the Allmother risks the Harvest once more.   This what I, Malazar Kyzen, True Mother of the Deepkin, give in covenant to our people. We will not let this travesty be repeated.  
We remember

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