Migg Alexander Gregor

Lord of Sub Hell █████ Alexander ███ (a.k.a. Migg Alexander Gregor. Migg for short.)

The main character of the novel. In a novel, we see him as a human, who gets his time traveling powers at the age of 25 but lacks any knowledge of the Seven Worlds or Creatures. As a result, he gets unlimited power that is mostly unchecked and turns into hedonist who pursues pleasures and rarely thinks about questions that he should be asking himself. After gaining his power to control time he learns how to use it and travels time, rewriting history to his liking and making outrageous worlds that fail to obey the laws of physics and sometimes even follow dream logic. At first, powers are controlled in a hamfisted way, but in time he learns to control time in very precise ways. Throughout his journey, he stays selfish and so uncaring that some would consider him cruel. His character is ironic because he is very different in his creature existence. This fact brings no end of amusement to Destiny who toys with him and enjoys his childishness.     As a creature he is a time god who is secretly ruling most of the Seven Worlds using his powers. Not a secret to anyone is the fact that he is Lord of Sub Hell, not too close to the war, and not far from the elite class living throughout Hyper Sub Hell. Migg Gregor is known for his wisdom, rare powerful spells, library and his symbol of power - Elemental Soul Sword. Migg is put in his time-controlling place in order to perpetuate the Seven Worlds, this is his purpose. After the world has ended, he travels back in time to the beginning in order to try and make it better next time. He does not dissolve like other creatures but exists on and on. He is unable to rewind time back further than the Great Massacre, so he has to deal with the world of living as well, without being able to affect it directly. One lifetime of seven universes is called a cycle. Migg is in love with Destiny in her creature self, as she never goes to the world of living without her own wish to do so. She is a daughter of the Lord of Hyper Sub Hell, and Migg does everything for her love in every cycle of the Seven Worlds. This is, again, reversed in his human self, when he is the one who sees her for the first time, and she is the one with greater knowledge, wisdom, initial love for him, and greater power.   Name Migg Alexander Gregor means "the one who tends to the trees". Migg doesn't realize that he's connected with trees when he is his human self. His connection to trees manifest in multiple ways:
  • compares time to a tree with many branches
  • parallel realities are different fibers inside the same tree
  • cycles are seeds of ideas from one tree that spread to multiple similar beginnings and have a chance of growing differently
  • pays attention to trees in nature
  • falls in love with pruning a bonsai trees soon after he regains his name and his ability to time-travel

Divine Domains


Divine Symbols & Sigils


Divine Goals & Aspirations

Make the Seven Worlds exist forever without the interference of his in the future.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Incredibly healthy, invulnerable. Can get poisoned for 8 hours, won't die. Can change his age mid-conversation.

Body Features

Can grow any amount of hair in less than a second thanks to his powers, doesn't usually have a beard or a mustache. Able to become as old or as young as it is required for blending with the crowd or hiding.

Facial Features

He has a pronounced chin, and his right eye is not as widely opened as his left eye.

Physical quirks

Prefers using a right hand as he used to before he got his powers and learned to be ambidextrous out of boredom. Walks with a walking stick quite naturally, when given one.

Special abilities

Ability to entirely and very precisely control time. Stopping time is no problem, time travel with location anchors to planets is ok, time rewind instead of reloading the gun - easy. Cheat your own biology when alive to be invincible - hard to do, but worth it!

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a cloak, makes it look appropriately new-looking depending on how much he wants to stand out. Under his cloak, wears a shirt, jeans, and a belt with a buckle in the shape of a big tree.

Specialized Equipment

Carries the Ring of Forgetting everywhere he goes. Wears a tiny capsule with a plastic bag that he used to use back when he was just learning to time travel.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Migg has no memory of the events before he has gotten his power. He suspects that he was an ordinary Dark Creature. In actuality, however, he was born and raised in an outside world, the one that sends Inspector to him. Migg was punished for something and sentenced to tend for the Seven Worlds in an endless loop. The judges told him that all he has to do is set the world to keep itself upright forever, but it turned out to be impossible without constant time rewinds to the beginning.   After that, he was cast in Seven Worlds. Memories wiped, abilities given. He was there ever since, adapting to his surroundings better and better with each passing cycle. After many cycles, he has created a library that exists across cycles and started accumulating useful knowledge - skills, ways to affect the history of Seven Worlds and history of World of Living. The library was placed in the world he has chosen to rule: Sub Hell - close to the action, close to the ruling class of Hyper Sub Hell, and in charge of the entire universe of Sub Hell.


As a creature, works as a Lord of Sub Hell. Also controlled the political world from behind the scenes using his time-controlling powers to perpetuate the state of the world, sometimes perpetuating war, sometimes perpetuating peace. Strangely enough, the war brought more advancements to the science of all spells that he was collecting across the cycles.   As a human worked as a software developer, primarily coder for big conglomerates before getting his time-traveling powers from his creature self.

Morality & Philosophy

Everything is insignificant, as it has occurred an infinite number of times across the multi-verse he has traveled thru Time Small actions can lead to great changes.

Personality Characteristics


Wants to set himself free after being stuck in Seven Worlds for such a long time, caretaking and trying to perpetuate everything, while realizing that this is impossible.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Great with the sword. Casts incredible spells. Can keep a huge amount of mana at a time. As a creature, he can cast both magic of Darkness and magic of Light. Unable to hear complaints with compassion since he's seen the outcome of the most situations. Terrible at being polite: goes straight to the point.

Vices & Personality flaws

Very lustful and incredibly proud. Justifiably thinks that the time moves because he allows it to.


Rewinds time of clothes and items to keep them as clean as the situation requires. Wears worn off clothes easily and without disgust.


Family Ties

As a creature, he had no ties. As a human, he has canceled out the existence of his ancestors to not be born again. Later on, he has got himself a wife and a son, much later he has gotten a grandson.

Religious Views

Migg does not believe in gods, as he is one

Social Aptitude

Calm to the extreme, demanding. Knows what he wants and takes it. The only person he acts differently around is Destiny. Destiny makes him irritated at his powerlessnes and her view of him.


He likes to be theatrical and dramatical.

Hobbies & Pets

Has his own planet-sized harem.

Wealth & Financial state

He officially rules Second Dark World(Sub Hell) but is able to stop time and acquire any wealth he needs, even pulling it from a different timeline so that in this one no one loses anything.
Divine Classification
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of Sub Hell
1994 2020
Circumstances of Birth
His parents got together and loved each other very much, but have split soon after he was born. As if Destiny herself wanted him to be born.
Circumstances of Death
He was murdered at his own birthday by his past self.
Biological Sex
Before getting his time-controlling power he was straight. During his millennia-long life, he has tried almost every kink known to man, in the end, he stuck with being bisexual (active).
Deep grey brown-ish eyes
Long, slightly curvy brown hair with ginger light reflections
188 cm
80 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
I'm just planting seeds of ideas and actions, and it's the time's job to make a tree out of it. Greetings, mortal(s). They were left in the Past(about the dead, since the Past is a place he can visit)
Known Languages
As a creature he speaks and writes in The Language. As a human, he speaks Russian and English languages before gaining his time-controlling powers and learns most human languages afterward.

  • 25

    The Birthday
    Life, Death

    Migg Gregor has had his 25th birthday. He knew nothing of his actual name or of Seven Worlds. His version from the future came to die by his hand to transmit the ability to travel time.


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