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Book: Web of Time


This is a story of a time traveler who was born in the World of Living and smuggled his powers through. He is unable to save his memories, though, so he has to recover them by communicating with others who have smuggled memories.

Plot points/Scenes


  1. Birthday: the introduction of the Main character, hooks for the reader, main character swaps suits with the guest looking exactly like him and travels in time as instructed. He takes the ring of forgetting off and stands on the same day his birthday is, but none of his parents were ever born. The car hits him and he takes no damage, while some agents take him away
  2. Agency: figuring out main character's abilities(invincibility)
  3. Man on the inside: getting help from the only ally inside agency
  4. Just a tourist: start of active time travel and seeing different worlds, changing history a little
  5. Slap on a wrist: meeting the Inspector after creating a paradox
  6. Leading paradigm: completely understanding how time travel works
  7. Drowning in pleasure: the main character abuses his powers to create harem and gets bored after a while
  8. Muse: meeting Destiny and seeing that she knows how to beat Inspector
  9. Growing up: change of perspective to another time traveler, introduction to a version of the World of Living where a lot of humans have abilities from their creature selves and active use of team dynamics to be able to do more than time traveler would on his own
  10. Facing up your fears: we see this new character defeat another time traveler who acts like Inspector
  11. Know your enemy: new character is in the body of Langa Koremandr Groman and scans the past of Langa to find that he was communicating with his father regularly. He learns that Langa was using Andrew to write a book of rules about time travel and what would attract Inspector. He comes to talk to Langa's father
  12. Know who you are: as soon as Andrew says that the book is finished, Migg Alexander Gregor, our initial protagonist, sees him through and congratulates Andrew on setting himself free. After welcoming his grandson, he explains what this book and Andrew's world will be used for.
  13. Hope for the best: Migg plants an Earth-sized paradox to sneak it by the Inspector, but he arrives immediately and shuts the whole thing down, telling Migg that he'll never be able to create a paradox in this containment that wouldn't be obvious from the top view.
  14. Finishing touches: Migg is old and he has lost hope in creating a paradox, he prepares for his last birthday: murders Andrew and Langa, and goes to feed some birds in a pond, when Destiny comes up to him to say that he could do better with the seeds he's gotten. Migg goes to check the suit from his birthday and finds tree seeds in the pocket that he has never seen. He takes them and goes through his timeline, planting seeds at the beginning of planet's life to gather them at the end of it. He repeats it many many times to make the seeds much older than he could be and prepares to go on his birthday.
  15. The last birthday: as he prepares to go there, he is confronted by the Inspector who just realized that this is not the first cycle of this seed-passing, and the loop needs to be closed, but Migg Alexander Gregor uses body swap and memory wipe to make the Inspector go to birthday as Migg but with no seeds, like it was for the first time, which closes the loop. Just as it happens, Migg in Inspector's body is pulled out of the Seven Worlds
  16. Destiny: Migg wakes up outside the tesseract in a new body, he's congratulated on averting a huge crisis and his wife comes up to celebrate with him, she sounds just like Destiny used to, at which point he learns that he has sent her outside already using the same technique but with more luck.


Knowledge is power, even when you have the most ultimate abilities. There's always more to learn, even when you think your cup is full. The story will focus on the trees throughout to indicate the constant invisible growth that's going on in the background and foreshadow main character's way of creating the biggest invisible paradox.



The character will learn his powers gradually, first finding out that he is invulnerable, then the fact that he can freeze time, and later the fact that he can time travel. The mechanics of time travel and how the time works will be closely discussed in a way that would make it clear for the reader.


The main character will soon feel entrapped in the world he's in. In time he'll discover that there are Seven Worlds and he's just in a World of Living. The main character will observe that everyone has their timeline and will soon realize that he's limited by his own as well, despite traveling time. He is as destined to travel in time as any normal person is destined to inhale. When he tries to get out, he is faced with the Inspector and he wants to defeat him from there on to get out.

Rising Action

The character we're observing tries to overcome the limitations of the world he is in, learning the rules along the way. But time after time he fails and the Inspector shuts him down without much effort. It's not until the whole book of rules is created that the main character knows how to cheat the system. But it doesn't help him for several tries. He almost accepts defeat.


The character finally realizes that he has had the solution all along and shouldn't have known it till the last minute. He works his magic with the tree seeds and is confronted by the Inspector.

Falling Action

Inspector interrogates the main character and falls into the trap, gets his body swapped with the main character, loses memories and closes the loop.


The main character gets out of Seven Worlds that looks like a tesseract powering a city. He is greeted by his wife and he recognizes Destiny who promises to tour him through the newly found world.



Set yourself free with knowledge


The main character finds out he's invincible and tries to understand why. Then he learns to time travel and figures out how it works. Then he sees the limits of his powers. Afterwards, he meets Destiny and finds out she knows about the truth about Seven Worlds and tries to understand it. The character gets the book with rules to stealthy time-travel from his grandson. The main character finally understands what the true scope of his con could be.


At first, Migg Alexander Gregor just doesn't want to die. After learning about Seven Worlds, however, he realizes that if he dies he'll just stay caretaker for Seven Worlds for eternity. Eternity is a pretty scary thing, no matter how powerful you are, since you'll get tired of it and it will feel like a prison.

Moral Quandaries

Pleasures of life: lust, pride, power.

Cruel Tricks

Destiny and Inspector are constantly showing the protagonist that his "ultimate" power is quite limited by their standards. Destiny is destroying his worlds if he cannot perform an action of a certain difficulty. Inspector is preventing any attempts at breaking out of the system by destroying worlds and patterns that the character has relied on.



Migg Alexander Gregor







World of Living with a different set of histories and levels of bizarreness. Worlds with different laws of physics and worlds with time control accessible to everyone as a commodity. Worlds filled with clones of the same time-traveler, and worlds devoid of life.


The protagonist is invincible to common threats, and thus he is only threatened by other beings with powers from their Creatures existence. Dangerous abilities include but are not limited to mind-control, body swap, mental torture, and others. Less hostile abilities include thought reading, entrapment in a closed space, teleportation elsewhere and more.


It's an entirety of the book, so anything goes - from mysterious riddles to travel, combat and even survival.

Past Events

The main character was majorly uninterested in time travel before his birthday.

Plot type
A book overview
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