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The basic form of the soul. Creations of the Seven Worlds. No one knows how they are born or created. They are the only form of existence in Seven Worlds, fueling life with their energy. Creatures are continuously appearing in the realms of the Seven Worlds, throughout millennia. Their lifespan is millennia as well.

Basic Information


Creatures used to look like mist or planets at first because it was all the visual reference they got for what they can be. After the introduction to the world of the living, they have started taking shapes of different creatures - cells, fish, and other life forms, slowly getting towards humans which became the most favorite shape to take. Memories from other creatures weren't as complex or as vivid. And in time creatures started looking like humans. Oversized, undersized, deformed, beautiful, it was up to the creature.

Biological Traits

Creatures have a ranging lifespan, some living half of millennia, others living two and more. Some are more feminine and differ in the set of skills they learn easier and a set of skills that require more attention and effort.

Genetics and Reproduction

Creatures just appear in the first accessible world of either Light or Dark side. No pattern to that was found so far.

Growth Rate & Stages

Creatures live their lives throughout millennia and don't noticeably grow.

  • There is a stage of infancy when they are mist and do not know of shapes they could take.
  • There is a stage of normal life when creatures can take any shape and function properly
  • There is a stage of being old, preventing creatures from taking any shape for a long time and keeping them in a state of a mist

Ecology and Habitats

Creatures live and travel in space. They do not care about conditions, apart from preferring light and darkness respectively.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They feed on their respective energy - Light consumes light and Darkness consumes darkness. Both can consume shadow, but since the Shadow Realm disappeared, it became a rarity. Especially because there has never been a creature who could about both light and darkness. Darkness and Light can be stored in many containers, they are dense and don't spill unless you shape them to do so.

Biological Cycle

They start as mist and carry out their tasks, listening to thoughts of others and transmitting theirs, learning shapes they can take and using that knowledge. Creatures do dissolve later in life, losing their ability to shape-shift and turning into mist before they disappear.

Additional Information

Social Structure

At the top of each world, there is a Lord of that world. The further the world is from the center, the @Shadow realm, the higher a Lord's standing. Since Since light and darkness do not circulate this far and it takes a lot of energy accumulation just to get there and back. From time to time, all of the lords meet to discuss politics. Some of them are still unhappy about the opposite side, while others have gotten the idea that they need the war to keep light and/dark circulation and continuation and both sides need each other. When all three worlds were around, there was symmetry - shadow realm was used for trade, first worlds were worlds(hell and heaven) were about active communication, second worlds(upper heaven and sub hell) were used for production, and the nobles lived in the third worlds - hyper worlds. Each lord has his own council with creatures responsible for each field of work.

Facial characteristics

As preferred by the specific creature, since they are shape-shifters.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dark creatures live in shadows of planets and near black holes

Average Intelligence

Having millennia to learn, they are widely different in intelligence and are generally very intelligent

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Creatures have shape-shifted to get different set of sensory abilities, nothing extra. Later they have taken a shape of humans.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Light creatures need dark creatures to conserve the same amount of Light to consume and vice versa.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They are named in a unique way each, a name is considered free when the owner of it has finally dissolved

Major Organizations

Lordship of Darkness, Lordship of Light Black Market

Beauty Ideals

All creatures are shape-shifters, so a shape is a sign of politeness. In time, creatures went on to take human form. But with wings. Creatures of light shape their wings to have feathers, while creatures of dark make leather wings. Wings' size indicates how powerful a creature is. Wings have no role in traveling between star systems or flight at all.

Gender Ideals

There is no need in procreation, so creatures are free to express their femininity as they wish. There are compassion and love, however, since creatures retain human memories and some human ideals. It doesn't affect the field of work available to any sex.

Courtship Ideals

Generally, creatures are pairing together based on their power tier. It is also rare to see creatures pairing while living in different worlds(e.g. Upper Heaven and Hyper Upper Heaven)

Relationship Ideals

Trust and honesty are a must, not because they are truly required, but because without them there's no point in having relations.

Average Technological Level

Creatures are using somewhat medieval-looking tools and weapons, all be it embedded with magic. Spells are actively used in both war, production and home chores.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

There is only The Language, no need for other languages. Although some creatures try using languages learned from the World of Living to communicate to masses, it requires everyone in the crowd to know that language. That is why it is not widespread.


First, they are brought into their respective world(either a dark or a light one). Before the Great Massacre, they were born in the First worlds — the first Light World and the first Dark World, Heaven and Hell respectively. After the Massacre, though, they were brought into the second Light World and the first Dark World, since the Heaven has merged with the Shadow Realm, or, more accurately, was assimilated by it. Creatures have learned to Dimension Shift and started inhabiting second worlds and then the third worlds. The prestige of creatures was decided upon their abilities and desires. First creatures to reach Hyper worlds(third worlds) were deemed nobles and got more power as they got further from the Shadow Realm. The existence of Creatures became more dangerous when the concept of Life was introduced. After the great Massacre, it has turned out that the creatures can not only disappear of old age but also to become the living organisms in the newly-formed World of Living. World of Living was sort of jail for those creatures who must not disappear because it is not their time yet. Since they were destroyed in some other way than disappearing, they were thrown into the world of the Living. Thrown there with no memories and no skills from their existence. When they die in the World of Living they become creatures again and regain their memories in addition to memories of their life. There are conditions for the death they have to suffer, it mustn't be self-inflicted death(not even by a proxy) and they have to help another creature on their mission and preferably fulfill their own mission there.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

There are no other species in the Seven Worlds. When in the World of Living, creatures obey rules of the Living.

1 millennia
Average Height
Average Weight
35 kg
Average Length
Average Physique
Creatures can shape-shift freely for most of their lives. They are stronger than their weight would suggest, however. They can produce massive amounts of energy that they use to travel through space and to wield tools and weapons.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
As preferred by the specific creature, since they are shape-shifters.
Related Ethnicities

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