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Normal time

For those who do not travel time, it isn't different from what you and I are experiencing. As soon as time travels start, it becomes more complex and more important to understand. But I will start my examination of time by observing non-travelers.

Normal time from a position of a time-travler

Non-travelers have a pre-determined life. If you observe one while traveling time without intereferring you will see the same events unravel - thrown dice will land on the same numbers every time you rewind the time. It is important to see that this pattern does expand to not only individual non-travelers but the whole worlds without time-travelers. Every chemical reaction and every thought is pre-determined, every change of heart and every betrayal. Every seemingly random event and every major breakthrough will happen at the same time in a single timeline, no matter how much you want to change it without time-travel. Every change is pre-determined after all. Now, this might seem bleak to you, but it's important to keep in mind that time-traveler, even a single one, changes the picture a lot. One change leads to a set of ripple effects across the future of a timeline. And this is the point where we talk about time paradigms  

Time paradigms

There are three major time paradigms that are fundamentally different:
  • Singular time - there is only one timeline and you cannot change it since the past is the reason for the future
  • Multiverse time - there are infinite possibilities and time travel changes the past of one timeline by moving into another timeline
  • Hybrid time - change in the past rewrites the future and leaves it as is
  We are dealing with a multiverse time here. This is important to note and it will color the understanding of time travel.  

A matter of perspective

From a perspective of non-travelers, the world abides the Singular time. From a perspective of a time traveler, the world is a multiverse and the time traveler is the master of time. But from an outside perspective(and wise time traveler's) any time traveler is living in a singular time. Time travelers are born or made, they travel in a certain way, and if you rewind the time of the entirety of the Seven Worlds from the outside, the time traveler would travel all the same. Make same choices and go to the same versions of the world in a multi-verse. This is very important. From an outside, Seven Worlds are a possibility space, and the time traveler inside is just a signal traveling across the possibility space. He lights up certain parts of that possibility space and lets them shine to an outside world.  


This is where paradoxes come in. Paradoxes are stuck in their loops with no prior action and no consequence, they are abominations and errors in the possibility space that shouldn't keep shining. No part of the possibility space should keep shining, the signal should pass through them without any resistance. But a stuck signal is resistance. If it's easy to fix and it's clear how to, the Inspector will do that. But if it's a difficult paradox to fix, the Inspector will have to go down there and do everything in his power to understand how the paradox was created in order to remove it.


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