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The event without a reason. The knowledge that has no source. It is important to note that time travel is happening within a multi-verse paradigm, which makes it impossible to create a paradox without crossing your own timeline. If there is a world that has is a source of knowledge or technology, bringing it to another world's past won't change a thing in that newly found world.   Paradoxes are tiny tears of time that are felt by everyone, but time travelers have an easier time realizing the source of unrest. Small tears are easily localized by travelers and are located close in time to an event that needs fixing. Bigger tears require very close examination and are hard to break without traveling along the timeline of the maker of the paradox. If no traveler inside Seven Worlds will fix the paradox, the Inspector comes in to fix it. Migg Alexander Gregor is using time paradox to his advantage - he dies only once and he is killed by his younger self. This makes killing him elsewhere impossible and Inspector will fix his timeline in order to avoid it. If he is killed elsewhere, then his appearance at his birthday has no origin, which makes it a paradox event.


It attracts the Inspector to fix the issue. If the issue is resolved easily, you won't even notice he's been there. If the issue is complex, he will interrogate the traveler who has caused the issue.


Time traveler is required to cross his own timeline and retain memories of the event. It causes sayings in the dialogue to have no origin(what heard is said later). Another way of creating a paradox is passing an object to your past self over and over again, making the object older each time and making it have no origin as well. Fixed by either bringing a new object that looks exactly like the old one(creating a starting point for the rest of travels) or by removing the object from the time loop.

Access & Availability
Anyone who can travel time can cause a paradox.
Encountered by almost any time traveler as soon as said traveler tries to do complex manipulations with the time or crosses his own timeline without the Ring of Forgetting.

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