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The Language

Not many are able to speak this language to gourps, but if you can you are on your way to rule.

The language of telepathic transmissions. Not a language that initially was available for group conversations, but one that did fit perfectly for telling others what you think. Every feeling was easily expressable to one creature at a time. After learning to use dark and light energy more efficiently some Creatures have learned to transmit their thoughts on groups of other creatures. This was a major breakthrough and it has opened a new age of group collaboration between creatures. Names are unique in this language, unique to every creature living at the same time. Sometimes new creatures take names of the ones that have passed but it isn't a widespread practice. No one knows where the creatures take their names but they know what they are called as soon as they can communicate with others(answer others, since you could be telling them something throughout their infancy)


The Language uses pictograms that are aking to hieroglyphs, but shape-shifting ones.

Geographical Distribution

It's used in every world of Seven Worlds, apart from the World of Living. Very few were able to smuggle ability to communicate using The Language to their living selves.


The language sounds in the mind of the addressed party. The voice sounds differently based on who is talking. The voice is the surest way to identify a creature since they shape-shift.


The language has a writing, but it shifts around to be understood perfectly well by the reader. You could have seen those writings in your dreams: you understood what it said but couldn't repeat since you have no ability to use The Language


The language has a writing, but it shifts around to be understood perfectly well by the reader.


Limited only by the number of things the creature can think of.

Common Female Names
Folmentia, Cramentsia, LaChantra, Kumitia, Jakena, Orbyola, Gruhtavla.
Common Male Names
Greg, Drunner, Histelan, Frukhtan, Hughak, Gohharran
Common Unisex Names
Buegad, Liktan, Jilringa, Fue, Lue, Pregge

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