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Great Massacre

The Creatures of Light were tired of sharing the Seven Worlds with Creatures of Darkness. The light was absolute good for the entirety of Seven Worlds. The future was at stake and it was time to act. In a very short time, the plan was executed. All across the Shadow Realm creatures of light have massacred creatures of darkness. Darkness was not ready for that betrayal and all Dark Creatures in Shadow Realm were slain in cold blood very quickly.   After that, the Lord of the Shadow Realm has revealed himself, consumed the Lord of the Heaven using Assimilation. With that, the whole world of Heavens was collapsed with the Shadow Realm and World of Living got created in Heavens.

The Conflict


Creatures of Light were unhappy to share the Seven Worlds with Dark creatures. They had to put an end to it.


Every creature of Light in the Shadow Realm was ready to strike at a certain hour, they were ready for defenses the Dark Creatures could put on.


Shadow Realm was beaming with anticipation of Light Creatures who were ready to strike.


Dark Creatures were unaware of the upcoming attack and were roaming Shadow Realm and purchasing stuff as they would on a normal day.

The Engagement

Swift murdering went on very quickly. No creature of Dark has survived. Very few creatures of Light were harmed.


Ricknan has revealed himself to be the Lord of the Shadow Realm. He has assimilated the Lord of Heavens and rearranged dimensions in a way that Shadow Realm and Heavens became inaccessible via normal means( Dimension Shift ) everyone traveling to and from two destroyed worlds were dissolved to be born as living. The same fate was awaiting everyone present in those worlds and everyone killed. All Lords of the Seven Worlds have disappeared. Lords of the Light Worlds got stuck in the World of Living, while the Lords of the Dark Worlds became judges who decided how many reincarnations a creature is doomed for in the world of the living before it can turn back into the Creature.


World of Living was created for everyone to get to if they "die" as a creature before their time to dissolve. Shadow Realm and Heavens became inaccessible. The War has started and has never ended.

Historical Significance

Not many remember how and why the Light wanted to get rid of Dark Creatures, but the war never stopped since there was no trust. What's written down is just facts: there were Seven Worlds, now there are five. Legends say that the other two are still present somewhere somehow.


The war is what's left for the future generations of creatures. The world of Living is a place for everyone to go to after untimely death as Creatures.

In Literature

Light side dramatizes reasons for this event, dark side dramatizes the loss.

Technological Advancement

World of Living got created because of the aftermath.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
Creatures of Light have murdered each and every creature of Dark in the Shadow Realm.
Shadow Realm


Light side
Dark side





Destroy every dark creature in the Shadow Realm

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