Destiny is considered to be a daughter of a Lord of Hyper Sub Hell, she operates from her tower, which seems to be located in Hyper Sub Hell, but in actuality it is located on a desolate planet in Shadow Realm. Destiny is ruling a misfortune in Seven Worlds, but her powers affect the World of Living the most. The misfortune she's bringing is not a straightforward thing - it might be you tripping over and being late for a bus that will get in an accident. Every cycle Migg Alexander Gregor conquers love of Destiny. It's a tradition, but it wasn't always used to be like that. In first iterations, Migg didn't know about Destiny at all, he was figuring out his powers and the world in general. When he has discovered Destiny, he had fallen in love with her, she loved him back too. At the end of the cycle, he had taken her back to the beginning with him, and she went. Cycle by cycle she felt worse and worse - all the pain in Seven Worlds was piling up. At the end of the 7th cycle, she had asked Migg to never make her relive that pain again. So now he conquers her love every cycle from scratch.   During the book we can see Destiny in human form. She retains her powers in a World of Living and recovers her memories using the powers. It reverses the script of her relationship with Migg and she knows it beforehand. It ends up giving her amusement with no end, as she can tease all-powerful Migg to her heart's contempt. Usually, he was an all-knowing force that had changed her existence, and now she was the one changing his life with knowledge and letting him discover more of his true self using the right questions. She travels time using Migg Alexander Gregor during the time he wears his ring, she swaps bodies with other women using an important guy from Andrew's army.
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