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Abehreh kalazoz clan

Formally allied with a declaration of friendship to the prestigious Red Shaft Clan.  The kalazotz have helped instill their fun loving values on the Red Shaft dwarves and the dwarves have helped the Abehreh bestow their martial values on the kalazotz.   While not every Abereh bat is a member of the army, the clan does provide far more volunteers to Meckelorn Armed Forces than the average kalazotz clan and they proud to fly support for their Red Shaft allies.   When the Red Shafts suffered their recent losses, many Abereh died with them and the Abereh are almost as eager for vengeance as their dwarf friends are.


Long ago, before the clan took a name, their clan helped hide many of the Red Shaft clan's children from danger.  They adopted the name Abereh after their clan matriarch at the time because the dwarves wanted to have a name to thank.  The dwarf clan elder at the time declared.   “From now until the ends of time, Clan Red Shaft and Clan Abehreh are allies! Let no outside enemy dare try to sunder our sacred bond!”


The clan worships Hallisan and Mera as their primary deities.   They maintain family shrine stelae with great care and typically practice formal ancestor worship at least once a month.
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Cover image: Commissioned kalazotz flying, grey background by Diana Rahfoth


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