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Celestial Atrophy


Celestial atrophy is a condition characterized by the weakening of the Celestial Core, making it more difficult for the affected to absorb Aura and use Glow. It is usually caused by lack of use or neglect of the Celestial Core. It can also be a consequence of other illnesses or old age. Many Glowcreatures completely lose the ability to use their Cores as they reach the ends of their lives.

Celestial dystrophy, a much more serious, genetic ailment, is often mistaken for Celestial atrophy as they have similar symptoms.


The key symptoms of Celestial atrophy are:

  • Difficulty retaining Aura for long periods of time/low Aura capacity
  • Difficulty using Glow, or Glow is abnormally weak
  • Little to no automatic absorption of Aura

Severe Celestial atrophy, if left untreated, may lead to the Core completely failing and all Glow abilities lost. It also increases the chances of Combustion, as a weakened Core is more likely to crack or burst under pressure than a well-exercised one. Therefore, trying to avoid combustion by limiting one's use of Glow is counterproductive.


The Celestial Core functions much like a muscle. If it is not used, it will weaken. If it is not used for a long enough period of time, it will become permanently weakened. Regular exercise of the Core by using Glow is a simple and easy way to avoid atrophy.

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