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Celestial Dystrophy


Celestial dystrophy has two variants: atrophic and myotonic. Atrophic celestial dystrophy (ACD) is the most common variant and is the variant most commonly associated with celestial dystrophy. Symptoms of ACD resemble the symptoms caused by celestial atrophy, and is often mistaken as such in its early stages. ACD becomes apparent around late adolescence and early adult years.

Myotonic celestial dystrophy is characterized by the inability to relax the celestial core after it contracts. It is also known as Stiff Core Syndrome, or SCS. SCS will eventually disable the afflicted's ability to stop absorbing Aura, leading to Combustion. Those suffering from SCS live with near-constant chest pain and are almost always at risk of Combustion. SCS can be identified very early in the afflicted's life, if one knows what to look for.

Symptoms of ACD
  • Difficulty absorbing Aura
  • Difficulty accessing Glow
  • Glow sputters or flares outside of the individual's control
  • Gradually lessening Aura absorption (eventually leading to no absorption at all)
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Cramping feeling from inside the chest
  • Symptoms of SCS
  • Frequent intense, cramping chest pains, especially when attempting to use Glow
  • Chronic chest pain
  • "Twitch attacks", intense twitching from within the chest that can sometimes last for several minutes and is often painful
  • Inability to control or stop Aura absorption
  • Inability to control the use of Glow
  • Irregular heartbeat and heart attacks
  • Combustion
  • Treatment

    There is no cure for celestial dystrophy, but the progress of the disease can be slowed with treatments and therapy. The rate at which damage is done to the afflicted varies with the individual and their access to treatment, with some surviving into old age and others perishing in their youth.

    The treatment for celestial dystrophy depends on the variant. ACD is treated with exercise and physical therapy of the core. There are also herbal remedies that may help some individuals, but there is not yet anything discovered that definitively works on everyone. SCS is treated in the opposite way, by limiting the individual's access to Aura as much as possible to hopefully prevent Combustion. Unfortunately, SCS takes a heavy toll on the heart as well. If someone with SCS doesn't die of combustion, they will likely die of a heart attack.

    Since celestial dystrophy is so rare, not much is understood about it. Individuals with celestial dystrophy may not even know that they have it until it is too late. Most individuals do not have access to the proper care that will allow them to live healthier lives.


    Celestial dystrophy will always result in the eventual loss of the ability to use Glow. ACD does not usually result in death, though it may cause heart issues that shorten the afflicted's lifespan. SCS has a far higher risk of death, usually by Combustion. SCS can also cause serious heart attacks.

    Those with ACD usually have a projected lifespan of about 60 years, while those with SCS aren't projected to last past 40.


    Celestial dystrophy is genetic, but not much is known about how it is passed through generations. Sometimes it runs in families, while other times it pops up seemingly randomly. Myotonic celestial dystrophy is especially confusing, with such a limited amount of recorded cases making it impossible to trace its origins.

    Since the primary symptoms of celestial dystrophy don't set in until adulthood, the disease has an opportunity to be passed on to the afflicted's children before they are wiser.

    Cultural Reception

    Since so little is understood about celestial dystrophy, people often turn to supernatural explanations for its affects. Some believe that the disease is a punishment from a higher power, or a curse from a sinister being. Others believe that it is a symbol of infidelity or a spoiled bloodline.

    However, extreme reactions to those suffering from celestial dystrophy are rare. Often it is mistaken for celestial atrophy, a different disease, or simply unnoticed altogether.

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