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According to the tradition, Gwarhah or Steadywind, was a ship that the Zeribian ancestors used to travel away from the far away Northern Lands, and settle the islands where they currently live.  

the myth

Long ago all the Zeribian people were living in a land far in the north. Their king had a daughter so beautiful, that Feren the God of the Sea fell in love her, and desired to take her for a wife. He came upon land and approached the king, but the king did not recognise him for a god and refused him. Feren was furious of his rejectment. He came upon the palace in the form of a storm cloud that captured the princess, and then fled to the sea in the form of a great serpent.

The king then send a ship to find her daughter. The ship was called the Steadywind, and it was built by the best master shipbuilders and manned with the best experts of navigation. The crew of the ship tracked the serpent day and night, until they reached the southern end of the world. The serpent is then exhausted, gets stuck in the low water, and the Fisherman kills it with a harpoon. Feren then flees to the underworld with his new wife. He refuses to give the daughter back, but sends them his servants in the form of dolphins, that become the new wifes for the crew and the grandmothers of the Zeribian people. The lifeless bones of the great serpent become the Irin i heš island, and the ships turns into an island as well.  

the crew

Steadywind was manned by the masters of all the seafaring professions. The crew became seen as the ancestors of all of the current seafarers. They are worshipped as ancestors and gods all around the Eastern Islands.

Grandfather Navigator, Synferen Žeden
Grandfather Shipbuilder, Žanmitkal Žeden
Grandfather Captain, Žampal Žeden
Grandfather High Priest, Nezenlux Žeden
Grandfather Fisherman, Lekal Žeden

contrary ideas

what do the Caač people think of the island?
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The Steadywind is believed to have been similar to later Zeribian ships. It consisted of a long hull, and a single outrigger to stabilize it on the sea. It also has a roofed portion used for storage and cover from the rain.   The ship was powered by a single large sail, but was able to be paddled when necessarily.

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The Zeribian ships are modeled loosely on Polynesian voyaging ships. I want to give full credit of their ingeniousness to these indigenous nations.


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29 Sep, 2021 21:27

very nice article/origin myth. only a couple grammar things that stood out to me, so good job on that also. (as someone who has enough trouble with english as a primary language, I am always amazed at people that speak/write more than 1 language) here are the corrections i would make.   The King the SENT a ship to find...   The serpent, NOW exhausted, GOT stuck in the low water, and the fishermen KILLED is with a harpoon. (this keeps the same past-tense as the rest of the story.)   I enjoyed this unique take on the prompt. Very well done.

As always, it would be appreciated if you would stop by my challenge article The Storm Giant Empire and leave some feedback.   If you are looking for things to read from summer camp there is also my Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge.. Happy worldbuilding.
6 Oct, 2021 11:49

Thanks, glad you liked it, even though even though the writing stayed at a raw state ^_^ I've been thinking of writing a full story of the myth, but maybe in Finnish because that's still a lot easier haha!

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